Iyanya – Why I Broke Up With Yvonne Nelson’

Iyanya - Why I Broke Up With Yvonne Nelson’

Nigerian poplar music artist has in the past been slammed for dumping Ghanaian screen star Yvonne Nelson. many felt iyanya was the bad guy and a  player because  off his  music fame.

     Many waters have passed under the bridge and now he has finally made an official statement about it.


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he had this  say:

“ Now this is the problem…famous guy, famous girl. It’s hard man ”.

Iyanya added that after the breakup the public saw him as the bad guy.
He said, “ When
that Yvonne Nelson thing happened, I was not happy but then I will look
like superman out there. I was not happy because everybody thought I
was the evil guy because her heart was broken, I looked evil. What
happened to the other guys that broke her heart before me?