Is your Honey pure?How to buy pure honey?

How to buy pure honey?

How to buy pure honey?
How to buy pure honey?
Is your Honey pure? How do you buy pure honey?


In my previous article, I covered types of honey and how it could be beneficial for health. This article is quite relevant if you have honey in your grocery list this week.

Anything we eat if not pure could harm our body significantly so here are few ways to check if the honey you bought is good enough for your health.

Honey can be easily differentiated into Organic and fake.

Simple ways to find out if honey you bought is organic or fake are by checking the texture. Organic honey doesn’t stick when you rub it between your fingers while fake honey will start sticking due to artificially added flavors.

Organic honey is thick, has a mild scent of flowers, caramelizes quickly upon heating and doesn’t dissolve in water while the fake honey dissolves quickly, has no smell and on heating will becomes bubbly.

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Test your honey at home
Finger Test –

Take a small drop of honey into finger. It is moves around and falls then the honey you tested is fake.

Water Test –

As mentioned earlier, this can be easily done. Pour a tablespoon of honey into water. Artificial honey will simply dissolve whereas you have to work hard in making actual honey dissolve..

Flame test –

Take a match stick and dip it into honey. Try lighting the stick, if your honey is pure than match will light else it won’t because of the moisture.

There are many other ways to test honey at home but before doing that you need to understand which honey to buy.

buy organic honey

As per my research, raw honey is the best if sourced locally. Raw is best for allergies and it can also prevent infections. This might not be possible for most of us hence we are left with commercially sold honey. Commercial honey is not as effective as raw but is better than refined sugar or any other artificial sweetener.

Another important factor which most of us are unaware of is different floral types. Some honey is sourced from multi-flora compared to single-flora. So in case your single flora honey if not effective you might need to switch to multi flora which could be more effective in terms of overall positive effects on the body.

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Currently honey is available as raw honey, pasteurized, filtered raw, organic, medical grade and flavored. Most manufactures don’t use the word pasteurized since they don’t want consumers to feel that honey is not real. Medical grade honey is used for medicinal purposes. You might have heard of wildflower, buckwheat, clover, acacia, creamed, etc, this means nectar came from that particular flower.

Lastly, you may be able to find out which honey is best suitable depending on why you intend to consume it as properties of each may slightly vary.

So next time you purchase honey, test it before enjoying!

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