Wiinning Eleven Africa 2017 Press Release

Wiinning Eleven Africa 2017 Press Release


RE: W.E.A.P 2017 ‘Bounce-back’ Event for Sickle Cell Carriers All Over Nigeria and Africa by Extension

Sickle Cell Disorder is undoubtedly a sad menace to a family. It has belched so much in the lives of many African descendants. Nigeria is one of the highest ranking countries with Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD), with over 150,000 babies born yearly with the disorder and 25% of adults’ population living with this dreadful sickle cell trait (:https://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/07/oral-powder-reduces-sickle-cell-disease-crises/). Statistics have shown that Nigeria bears the highest burden of sickle cell anemia in the world; three out every 100 new born children are affected by the disorder in the country (www.streetjournal.com).

Sickle cell disorder in simple terms is a genetic disorder due to presence of abnormal haemoglobin in the red blood cells, called haemoglobin S instead of haemoglobin A. An individual either has haemoglobin A known as the AA genotype, a combination of A and S haemoglobin known as the AS genotype (common with one out of every ten Nigerians), or the haemoglobin S only, known as SS genotype; these are the sickle cell carriers.


“Sickle cell disorder is simply a disease of the blood….not the color of your skin” (June 19th world sickle cell awareness.org) it has abounded in Africa for a long time and it was once considered a death sentence until recent medical advancements. Presently, there is no cure to the Sickle cell disorder but there exists a cost effective treatment for the pain and other manifestations of the disorder. The most important aspect of Sickle cell treatment is early medication interventions with pain relievers (analgesics), antibiotics, good nutrition, folic acid supplementation and high fluid intake. In extreme cases, blood transfusion and surgery may be needed as invasive procedures.

A team of pragmatic youth called The Prodigy Group has come to make this history and re-write the story of our Nation; proving that rays of light can emanate from our dark continent. As a team, we have put together a life impacting event that would give hope to the warriors while remembering those that have fallen in their battle for survival.

This event is projected to ultimately put an end to the spread of this menace. Although many attempts by concerned individuals and even organized bodies have been made to fight this disorder, yet more works must be done to put a STOP to this spread. No one wishes for this timely killer, but when it surfaces, it is encouraged to face and fight it.

We believe it is time to awaken the exceptional abilities of youth nationwide with respect to these Sickle Cell carriers, to excel in the midst of their life storms, by an exploit of their potentials and a true empowerment to the advancement of their entrepreneurship practices. For these reasons and more, The Prodigy Group purposefully write to introduce; WIINNING ELEVEN AFRICA PROJECT (W.E.A.P). This project is envisioned as a stage set for contacting young people, particularly focused at youths who are warriors, those faced with this challenge. W.E.A.P. is a brain child of The Prodigy Group, birthed from an enthusiasm to annihilate SCD and engaging youthful warriors to Bounce-back.



The vision of the W.E.A.P is incidental to the visions and missions of the various health organizations whose aim is to fight the notion of health disorders such as W.H.O (African region), Global Health Initiative and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. W.E.A.P is an event that is channeled to benefit people living with Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD), aimed to reaching and meeting with their needs. It is dedicated to spreading awareness and educating the general public about the disorder and at the same time changing people’s orientation about those affected and the disorder itself.

The event is planned to be a mega-packed entertaining, empowering for entrepreneurship, and a life changing one that would positively and greatly affect lives in general, with special preference given to the sickle cell carriers amongst. This event represents a huge opportunity for various organizations to network and further reach-out in extending a more laudable Sickle-Cell campaign. The premier edition occurred in September 2016, with a football tournament where several universities were involved as a way of creating awareness about SCD, it was an engaging and all encompassing event involving both the young and the old, as many from all works of life including celebrities, the sickle cell organization of Nigeria and other organizations (governmental and non-governmental) joined in the bounce back fight.

This W.E.A.P 2017 event is the second edition, planned to attract students from five higher institutions in Nigeria, two from Benin Republic and one from Ghana. This shall make an involvement of eight higher institutions all over Africa. Top elite entertainers, entrepreneurs as well as high profile speakers, including press and people from the private and government sector throughout Africa shall be also involved for this vital African initiative. It is set to be bigger and better which is centered on: Raising and courageously springing up the entrepreneurship practice in and amongst Sickle Cell carriers. The main message shall be propagated through a football tournament which is why it is tagged, ‘WIINNING ELEVEN’.


Bounce-back is the theme for this year. Bounce-Back is conceptualized towards raising and courageously springing up the entrepreneurship practice in the youth participants (www.africa.wiinningeleven.org). In accordance with the Nigeria global health initiative; the mission statement of W.E.A.P. affirms a call;

  • Dedicated towards spreading awareness and educating the general public about the Sickle Cell disorder. By eradicate people’s orientation that brings about discrimination on the affected Sickle Cell carriers.
  • To develop and sustain in this Sickle Cell carriers, the good and positive mindset about the nation’s hopes and dreams.
  • To support all youth (especially the affected carriers) in learning and practicing skills for a sustainable financial means of income throughout their lives. This supports and enhances educational goals on these carriers, making them sustainable and productive.


This above mission shall be fulfilled by developing and working-out effective services, strategic selection and acquisition of resources, providing physical and intellectual access to appropriate sources of information, and working with dedicated and experienced team of volunteers.


The program is slated to hold from October with laid-down activities like press conference, road-walk awareness, media tour, courtesy visits to related foundations, secondary school campaign, campus tour, entrepreneurship seminar, free genotype testing, drug donations to related foundations, and the main football tournament event which is a three day program to be held at Yaba College of Technology Sports center, slated for 25th, 26th and 28th (the grand finale day) of October 2017.

W.E.A.P event shall represent a huge opportunity for various brands/company to express her organization values on excellent platforms, increase brand’s awareness in and out of the school community, as well as to access a powerful, targeted audience. The event attracts students (graduates and undergraduates), entertainers, entrepreneurs, high profile speakers, professionals, top business moguls, and participants from private sector, Government, and other institutions throughout Africa. It is anticipated that by a fruition of W.E.A.P, there will be result in the:

  • Reaching out to impact the lives of over 60% of affected Sickle Cell Carriers.
  • Carriers being positive in spirit and willpower as resulted from empowerment and sustainability.
  • Exploitation of potentials, leading to their increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Measurable progress towards behavioral goals set forth through the event.
  • Present singles of our time, to more cautiously be aware of the risk of the wrong genotype combination of their spouse before marriage, so as to eradicate future SCDs.

Other captivators would include; Free access to experience life changing and motivational speeches by our selected guest, Youth participants take an advantage of networking and finding mentors, Free technical supports and counseling guidance to entrepreneurship success, as well as Freebies and other added advantages which are enjoyed by all participants.

The Prodigy Group is on a verge of eradicating this dreadful menace to go into extinction. By a successful accomplishment of all the projected plans through W.E.AP event, Sickle Cell Disorder would be sure to have a much little or no record of existence in the next breed of generation. As assuring as this sound, The Prodigy Group has strategically teamed-up to see to this success.

Hence, many brand organizations ranging from top notch media houses, to the professionalized sport service firms, to the capable sports logistics groups of various organizations, to the Advertising and PR firms on sporting matters and many notable elites in the business and for the lovers of sports, personalities and selective individuals and entertainers in the music and dance industries shall be very present and supportive, whereby others shall be partnering with The Prodigy Group to bring this planned event to a great fruition.

We believe in this dream and we seek for more involvement in this event of a lifetime. Lets all anticipate this event with all openness and positivity as we are called to join hands in supports and encourage this proud Africa initiative. Thank you.

For more information, enquires or partnership on this forth coming W.E.A.P event, kindly contact The Prodigy Group on: 08174980869 or 08062366183 or you can drop your comments at [email protected] and we will attend to it.

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Wiinning Eleven Africa 2017 Press Release