Kissing a friend when you are in a relationship – Relationship corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Kissing a friend when you are in a relationship - Relationship corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Hey guys, it is boy Eddie Schwaggs, how are you all doing? It is Relationship corner with Eddie Schwaggs. Today, we are going to talk about this “Kissing a friend, when I am in a relationship”. This can be a very tricky situation especially when you are not a player. Take a look at this poem

Our lips met in an unusual fashion
Tongues locked, moved in different patterns
Arousing different emotions and burning passion between us
The taste of our lips was sweet and in depth

Although we were of halves of different whole,
Our lips never departed
Because even though kissing another, different from our lovers was wrong
This was the only right thing in our jumbled up lives

Eddie Schwaggs

If this poem reflects what you are feeling, then you are in serious emotional trouble, because you feel love or lust for your friend. That or, there is something lacking in a relationship which drove you to get emotional with your friend. This is my advice, take break from both of them for a while. Keep in contact with your partner but stay away from his/her company, as for your friend, give him or her space for some time. During this time, think of what caused these emotions, think deeply about what it is lacking in your relationship. When you find a reason for the kiss, you think of what to do. If you are in love with this friend, meaning, u have fallen out of love with your partner, then the best thing is to break up with your partner and stay away from your friend. Break up with partner because if you remain in the relationship, it will be emotional torture. Your partner will start to irritate you and before you know it, you guys will break up worst of enemies. Don’t date your friend because people, I do believe  in Karma and it will happen to you, he or she will do the same to you. But if you are sure, it was a fling, tell your partner the truth. Then try as much as you possibly can to rebuild the trust you broke.  It will take time, some will forgive, some will not. Whichever way be truthful to your partner and rebuild the trust you broke, and make sure your relationship grow stronger and better.

Well that is all for now, feel free to comment, ask questions and to share your own relationship stories. I remain Eddie Schwaggs, and this is Relationship Corner

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