Justina (over possessive partner) – Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Justina (over possessive partner) - Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Justina (Over possessiveness )

Hey guys, it is your homie Eddie Schwaggs and this is relationship corner. Last week, I dropped a piece called Justina, I hope you enjoyed it. Some many emotions can be seen in that piece like obsession, lust, over possessiveness, and so on. Today we will be talking about over possessiveness.
It is romantic and much needed in a relationship for both parties to be possessive of each other. It shows that each of them is willing to fight for the other when the need arises. Over possessiveness on the hand, is not healthy for any relationship. It can lead to so many other things like distrust, frequent quarrels and the worse of all obsession. Though it is a flattering to a girl when a guy tells her he can’t live without her, or showcase his love for her when an adversary is present, it will be more disturbing when he suspects every guy he sees her with. Though most guys don’t like it when their girlfriends are clingy, but they appreciate the fact that their girlfriend or partneIt can fight for them when the need arises.
When your partner starts suspecting everybody you talk to, even your same – sex friends, there is a huge problem. Relationship is not a cage where both parties have only themselves to talk to, hangout with, and the likes, it’s a place where both parties have to grow in other and with one another and interact with other people and learn from them. Once a partner is over possesive, it hinders the other’s growth and put the other in great risk of anger, obsession and spiritual and mental stagnation.
When your partner starts to become overpossessive, sit him or her down and tell him or her that you love her or him and that they don’t need to fear you leaving them or dating someone else. Most times, people get overpossesive because of fear of losing their partner to some one better than them or other times because of their past. So reassure your partner of your love and commitment to the relationship, and help them to understand (though not with words) that he or she can live without them. But if the partner is still over possessive , then I suggest you get out of the relationship before things escalate out of your control.
On the hand , it is unhealthy for you to be over possessive of your partner. Your fears will come through and you will lose the one you love. Trust your partner to be faithful and you have rest of mind. You won’t be worked up tracking her or his every move.
Love is a beautiful thing, don’t adulterate it with over possessiveness and obsession. That is all for this week. Still next week, stay blessed, don’t forget to comment and share your opnions and relationship stories with me. I remain your homeboy Eddie Schwaggs and this is relationship Corner

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