Pity – Love – Relationship Corner by Eddie Schwaggs

Pity - Love - Relationship Corner by Eddie Schwaggs

Pity – Love

Season greetings to you all, it’s Eddie Schwaggs and this is Relationship Corner. I hope you are going to spend the holidays with that special person or with your loving family or with me lol. Which ever way, I want to enjoy yourself this season. Lets talk about pity love
What is pity? What is love? You may ask, how do we tell the difference? Pity is a feeling of sorrow, empathy and compassion for another person’s misfortune while on the hand love is a strong positive feeling that binds two souls together.
So many people confuse pity with love. They feel pity for someone and think they are in love with the person. Pity is not love, love is not pity. Let see some differences between pity and love
1. When we feel pity for some one, you want to fix their situation. You want to help them out of the mess or pain they are in. You will feel that you are responsible for them. On the other hand, in love we don’t feel obligation to do anything, what we do it out of love, because how we feel and because we feel strongly for the person.

2. In pity, you may care strongly for the person but the person may not care with same intensity as you do. Love is mutual and shared by a couple. Love is not meant to be one sided, it is not healthy for an individual if love is not reciprocated

3. Where there is pity, the one being pitied may take advantage of the other one’s graces and good heart. He/she may take for granted all the things the other does for him or her. In love on the other hand, there is mutual gain, mutual loss in fact anything and everything is mutual.

If you are in a pity relationship, I suggest you get out and look for a healthy relationship to get into. Though misfortune can bring two people closer, the relationship should be founded on love not pity. That is all for this week, I remain your homeboy Eddie Schwaggs and this is Relationship Corner, have a blessed week ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New year

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