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Hey guys, it’s your boy Eddie Schwaggs and this is Relationship Corner where we discuss issues affecting our relationship through every means possible. How are you guys preparing for your Valentine? Well ladies, most guys will either be in church or in front of a TV, so don’t expect anything from us. Loool. When will you say you have fallen in love? Is the topic of discussion today.
Love is a beautiful thing that every living soul craves. Be it love from family, friends or that special one, love has a way of warming our hearts and give us a feeling that we are not alone.
When it comes to family and friends, love is easily expressed to them as they will express their love for us. Both our family and friends know that we love them as they love us. But for that special one, it is a different story all together.
Most times, some people do not realize that they are in love. They disregard the notion that they are in love as if it was an headache or indigestion which they feel it will just go away. The funny part is that all their actions lead to the fact they are crazily in love with that special person. Most times, people don’t truly know they are in love. They have no idea of how it feels to be in love and they pass it off as a mere attraction. A friend of mine usually denies the fact he is in love because he don’t even know the signs that point out that he is in love. He keeps on denying and denying until he loses her. Other times, some people are scared of falling in love, because they are afraid that the one they love may not love them back. Maybe my friend is just afraid of being rejected, but he doesn’t realize that he stands a greater chance of winning the heart of the one he loves if he first of all accept he loves her and try to gently convince her, he does. Afterall, as my Father some times say ” Yes is an answer, No is an answer “, if he finally gets a no, he can move on, knowing fully well that he tried. Besides the he will be miserable if his or her heart desire find someone braver than him.
For those, who don’t know the signs that they are in love, these are few signs that can give you a hint that you are in love with someone.
You think of the person every time even if you are having the busiest day
The person’s name is always on your lips
You get the warmest feeling in your heart by the mere thought of the person of when they are near
You crave the person’s presence all the time
You will be ready to fight for the person

These are just few signs, they are other signs but signs are a bit common.
As I wrote earlier, love is a beautiful thing, don’t fight it, embrace it. That is wrap for this week, join us next week for more relationship talk. Don’t forget to comment and share your views on today’s topic. A little question before I leave ” is it right for a girl to propose to a guy? ” please share your views and thoughts on this question. I remain your boy Eddie Schwaggs and this is Relationship Corner

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