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Don’t wanna hear any moda’sucker moaning on his mother cos they ‘be disturbing me””
I got lousy niggas with the loud in their mouth erryday and that is enough noise for me””
I need some fvcking silence cos this fvcking violence is kinda moda’fvking styling””
I think I’m cussing way too much cos I’m focusing on the fvcking life that Allah gave me””


Give to the God in heaven his worship and then his fvcking praises””
And you get devoted to Larrics panicking while he’s tracking your a mannequin, thinking ’bout getting him on your playlist””

Middle-finger never worry ’bout raising with thugs””
Cos he’s raising with us””
Only difference he’s gonna be kinda longer than most of us””
Middlefinger is stubborn, he’d wanna turn boss n form boss””
Buh we sign him a deal and make him a tour bus like don’t disturb us””
My head is clearing, my heart is beating, with just rhythm in this part of the instrumental, making me kinda skeptical, taking my breathe to a length of more rap and lessen the musical, voice getting so week like john in 7 days of the calendar””
Yh, Nigga u mistaking me””
For who mama thought I’d be, working in someone else’ company as an employee while I’m building my company””
Nowadays ma good manners goes a lot better with bad company with niggas that are ready to shut down couple of banks for me””
That are ready to talk in a manner you won’t hear their voice cos all you hear is a noise of bangdadadang ‘some freaking Darlington shit””
Some fvcking undergroun’ niggas on the top floor doing some gravity shit””
With the fvcking undergroun’ niggas on the white dress looking like dentist and shit””
Tryna fix some cavity shit””
Life of a nigga, a trigger and a fucking density shit””
With a Boy with a pair of shoes, a gift and fvcking destiny shit””
Issues with his parents and shit””
Bro bro bro bro””
I owe you nothing if I don’t know know ya””
A lot of people smile in front of me buh when it time for me to need ’em a nigga don’t know know ya””
They used to say the blood is thicker than the water””
You need ’em now the blood is turning straight to water””
I’m not talking about ma sister or my mother””
I’m talking ’bout the people tagging themselves as ma brothers””
yh yh yh yh yh, no no, no no,
I don’t want no figh’ing pro’lems with you no no””
I don’t want no freaking issues with you no no””
I don’t wan’ be eating with you nigga no no””
Nah nah nah nah nah, yh yh, yh yh,
Me n all ma realers we be grinding yh yh””
If a nigga asking you about we yh yh””
Tell him we abroad n we are doing very well, than before yh””
Yh the money motivate me, I admit it””
If you are talking money I can give you a moment””
You ain’t talking money with me, I give you a minute””
You either fucking off ma way or the way of ma niggaaaas yh””
The planet be tired of a nigga””
All I need ‘s 12 satellite ‘n no no life, ma real planet should be really freaking bigger””
Bigger than Jupiter ‘n yh, bigger than Bruno mars cos I need something that’s bigger than the un’verse””
‘N I be drinking with ma chair””
Mixing spirit with ma beer”” cos I’m all alone””
On ma own””
No issues of social media hanging on ma phone””
No issues of bitches texting coming to ma home””
No issues of fakers come be chilling in ma zone””
No inbox from idiots I have never seen before””
Cos this freaking people messing with ma mental core””
Don’ been true a lot I pray I use the parking lot””
Been through lot of people that don’t really know my worth””
Been grinding alone I pray my veges blend cos I’ve been working harder than I intend just so I impress myself””
Working round the clock so I can get to meet my time now it ma time buh I still have to be working more on myself””
Always ’bout the hustle never down for them bitches cos dem bitches just wan’ be showing off themselves on camera””
Two thousand seventeen been about no profit yh””
Two thousand eighteen I do be on fire ‘n i’b smoking hot buh all your bullshit I’d smoke ‘n puff it yh””
Always been (having pain)3×””
Hustle hasn’t been paying (yh be paying)2×””
Skipping classes la’ly they be thinking I been playing””
Yh ma life is wrapped around discouragement and pain”” so I need some fucking silence before I would start to maim you nigga””
So, silently, silently, I’ll get ma hiiighhh, and I, really know that, time doesn’t matter ya ya ya!!!.

Sincere Larrics Voice: (Been bothering me like, yo nigga, when you gon drop this  shit? When is this track gon drop?… Can you people just, Shut The Fuck Up!!!…Cos I really need some fucking silence you know! Everybody got the message you know! Everybody got it! 2NSKY…I think they got the message now!)

SONG WRITER:- Ogunsola Farouk Olanrewaju (LARRICS)



COVER TRACK: Do Not Disturb “Drake”

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