Why Assume – Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Why Assume - Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Good evening peeps, how are y’all doing? Hope you are enjoying the weather. It is the perfect weather for two as they say, hope you are holding your partner tight. This my friends is Relationship Corner where we tackle relationships issues in every possible way. I remain your host, your homie Eddie Schwaggs.

Today’s topic is “Why Assume”. Assumption is a sin!!! I repeat ASSUMPTION IS A SIN!!!. Assumption has ruined so many relationships, marriages, friendships and families. Assumption is a deadly poison that eats deep in any relationship and destroys it. Assumption is basically acceptance of a fact without proof of its authenticity. It is believing something is true without being certain that is true.
People assume a lot in their relationships. You assume your girlfriend is cheating on you because she has suddenly become distant; you assume your boyfriend does not love you because he does not call as often. It goes on and on, people put their selves in a place of pain, self hate, anger and a number of bad emotions because they assume their lovers are hurting or neglecting them deliberately, often times they are wrong.
Here are some popular assumptions, people make in their relationships –

Mind Reading

Some people feel their partners can read their minds because the love they share and should able to undertand how they feel at every point in time. When their partners fails to detect their mood or fail to understand how they feel, they assume their partner has fallen out of love with them

Greener Pastures

People also tend to assume that their friends’ relationships or family relationship is better than theirs. They feel Mr A and Miss C have a perfect relationship, and they try to fashion their relationship in the same manner and end up jeopardising their relationship.

Being Distant

When a partner becomes distant, some people assume “he does love me anymore” or “she is cheating” and they start acting up and become distant too.

Good friends

Some people think because their partner hangs out with a particular friend from the opposite sex, that is something going on between the two of them. They follow them, read some things wrongly, do a lot of questionable things based on their assumptions.

These are popular assumptions people make, they are more than this though, but no matter the assumption, it always baseless and most times farthest from the truth. If something is bothering you or doesn’t feel right in your relationship, walk up to your partner and talk to him or her. Don’t assume that he or she is behaving in a particular way or things are not going the right way because of a particular reason. Learn to communicate your feelings to your partner. Communication is key in any relationship, it opens the door for a clear, healthy and beautiful relationship, assumption is a poison that kills a healthy relationship. That is all for this evening, please don’t forget to like, share, and comment. I will love to hear your relationship stories and theories. This has been fun, this is Relationship corner and I remain Eddie Schwaggs

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