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Heeyyy guys, how are y’all doing? I hope you are alright, hope you are all enjoying yourself. This is Relationship Corner and I remain your homie Eddie Schwaggs.

This is a special Edition of Relationship Corner; Today we are going into the mind of a wonderful woman who happens to be a relationship expert. She was gracious to share with us her bountiful knowledge on relationships especially the main ingredients for a successful relationship though she wants to be anonymous. This will be a post and a sort of interview all in a mix, so enjoy this beautiful content.

Relationships are budding roses, they need a lot of things to grow into a beautiful Rose flower. So many people have different problems in their relationship because they dwell on the fact that love is the only thing they need in their relationship but according to this relationship expert, there is more to a relationship than just love. Let’s go to the little chat

Eddie Schwaggs: Good evening miss, how are you?

Miss : I am good.

Eddie Schwaggs: I am so glad, you agreed to share your beautiful ideas on relationships with us.

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Miss : I am happy to be able to do that.

Eddie Schwaggs : Why do you decide to be a relationship expert?

Miss : I made a resolution to have the best marriage and I was determined to make it a success.I decided to be committed to carrying as many people that are determined as me.I have passion for making relationships better. Relationship tips group is just the platform that allows me to burn my passion. Relationships books and stories always catches my attention and I have discovered even before opening a Whatsapp group how I have been able to solve and improve some relationship cases that comes to me. Reshaping and building strong relationship bond is just my interest, I am never bored doing that.

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Eddie Schwaggs: What are the main ingredients that make up a successful relationship?

Miss : We have a lot of them but this are just the main ingredients. Commitment, dedication, effective communication, trust, care, honesty, love, attention, faithfulness and the likes all make up a successful relationship.

Eddie Schwaggs: Does love only guarantee a successful relationship?

Miss : No Love only doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship, because love without all these ingredients mentioned above is nothing or let me say will be less appreciated. Let’s take for instance a guy who claims to love a lady so dearly but does not giving her the care and attention she wants, he keeps giving excuses like he is busy, work and all, don’t you think such relationship can’t be a success? the lady will keep nagging and same as guys too (vice versa)
Eddie Schwaggs: Since you are pretty and versatile in the affairs of the heart, how many guys have seized the opportunity to ask you out when you are advising them?

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Miss : Well it’s only the unserious ones. Because my goal is to correct and reshapen relationship, not to take advantage of it, so I have always applied emotional intelligence to turn down their offer back and focus them on their own affairs to make their relationship stronger and better.

Eddie Schwaggs: What was the craziest relationship issue have you had to deal with?

Miss : Well a lot of them but, marital ,courtship , relationship, exes.

Eddie Schwaggs: Are you single and does your job affect your relationships?

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Miss : I am not single. No I never allow my job to affect my own relationship never will I

Eddie Schwaggs: What do you think are the major do’S and don’ts in relationships?

Miss: We can classify the do’s based on relationships ingredients listed above while the don’ts will be cheating , using foul language, abuse, arrogance, nonchalancy, secrets, oppression, disrespect and a lots of them.

Eddie Schwaggs: What is your advice for couples out there and aspiring relationship experts?

Miss: They should broaden their horizon for sound leadership and teaching in relationships so as to successfully see the change we desire in relationships. Young couples should be more committed in their relationship and posses the qualities to have a successful relationship.

Eddie Schwaggs: Thank you so much for your time.

Miss: You are welcome Eddie.

I hope you have tapped into the wisdom of my esteemed guest, I know I did. Add these ingredients to your relationship and it will make a delicious soup. This is Relationship Corner, don’t forget to like, comment and share. I remain Eddie Schwaggs.

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