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Anger, The Love Thief


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Anger, The Love Thief

Everyone gets angry, it is inherent in our DNA to do so, but how we deal with anger is individualistic. Anger is so destructive in relationships, it kills love and snatches life. What may bug our minds is, Is it wrong to get angry with the one you love? Absolutely no.

It is very normal after all the ones we love the most, hurt us the most. What determines the morality of our anger is how we deal with our anger.

What we do when we are angry determines the growth or death of our relationship. Controlling anger may pose as a challenge sometimes especially when we are hurting so bad. Here are some tips to help control your anger and prevent the whole issue from causing a major rift in your relationship.


Try to breathe, don’t let your anger control your actions, control your anger. Think about several calming things or envision yourself smashing some thing, either of the two may calm you. Don’t confront your partner at the peak of your anger, let some steam out before you confront him or her so that you can have a meaningful conversation without flaring up so easily.

Anger, The Love Thief


Before you confront your partner, find out the source of your anger. Yes, the situation or words or what you saw trigger your anger, but before you utter a single word, what did you feel about the whole thing. Anger is a secondary emotion, it belies another emotion. Find out the emotion before you confront your partner so you can express yourself better.


Some times, when we get angry, we keep it to ourselves either because we don’t want to hurt our partner or because we want to revenge. This is unhealthy for both you and your relationship. When you are angry let your partner know in a calm way. This will enable your partner to understand you better. Don’t revenge, it tears lovers apart.


Some of us, let anger get better of us, and lash out at our partners, clothing them with all sort of bad and hurtful words. This is so wrong. You should never abuse your partner, no matter how angry you are. Talk to your partner about how he or she made you angry without abusing them. Abusive words hurt your partner’s integrity, confidence and breaks their heart.


When you are angry with your partner, do not bring wrongdoings of the past into the new fight. Reminding your partner of his or her past mistakes affects his or her view of you and him or her self. Let the past be, if they hurt you in the past, forgive, forget and move on, and find ways to resolve the issue that made you angry.


No matter how angry you are, do not hit your partner. If you hit your partner, it shows you lack self control, dont love your partner enough, and that you are lacking in human feelings. No matter how provocative your partner is, restrain yourself from hitting him or her. Anger makes us monsters if not controlled, and no one wants to date a monster.


Do not let a third party be the judge in the affairs that made you angry. There is no issue that you and partner can’t resolve.

Relationships and marriages grow when partners understand the nitty gritty of each other including their expression of anger. These tips will help to handle your anger anytime your partner offends you. Remember, anger is a love thief, don’t let it steal your love away. This has been relationship corner and I remain Eddie Schwaggs.


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