How to stop meddlers – Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs


Hey peeps. Do you all miss me? I know have been scarce, my bad, I will try to be more consistent. Jo are you guys doing? This is Relationship Corner where we talk about relationship issues and love. Don’t forget to like, share and comment. I remain your loyal homie and friend on relationship issues, Eddie Schwaggs.
THE RIGHT ONE, often times, that is the way we look at our partners. “She is the right one for me.” we say to ourselves but sometimes the people closest to us like our parents, siblings and friends don’t share this belief.
Meddling has become one of the most poisonous issues affecting relationship these days. Often times, parents are the most guilty of meddling into their children’s relationship affairs. They believe their meddling will guarantee the perfect love life for their children. But they fail to realize that the greatest harm is done with the noblest intentions.
Before the greatest harm is done to your love life, you have to safe guard your relationship from external parties like your parents. To do this, there are some things you have to inculcate into your life.

Be independent
Don’t depend on anyone to dictate to you on how to run your life. Be friends or family, let their ideas and advice on issues concerning your life be options you may or may not choose and not compulsory rules you must follow.

Choose your partner wisely
Let your partner be perfect for you. Not perfect in the eyes of parents or friends. Let your lover have all the qualities you want in a person. This way, when trials come, you can defend your relationship.

Know who you seek advice from
Be careful who you seek advice from. There have been stories of friends misleading their friends out their relationship and stealing their partners. Talk about your relationship issues with some one, you trust and also sieve the advice friends give.

Don’t discuss every of your problem
This is very important. Not every issue that occurs in your relationship that you discuss with outsiders. You can settle most of your issues amicably with your partner.

“Meddlers” in your life have the power to control you if you let them, take the power to rule your life and rule it. This has been Relationship Corner, I hope this post has helped in one way or the other. Don’t forget to like, share and comment. I remain your homie, Eddie Schwaggs.