11 Things Every Woman Lies About

11 Things Every Woman Lies About
11 Things Every Woman Lies About

Women are the most subtle beings in the world.

Their quest to look good in the public eye or not hurt feelings, leads them to lie most times.  You might agree or disagree with us but here are 11 things every woman lies about.

11 Things Every Woman Lies About
11 Things Every Woman Lies About

1. I Don’t Care About Your Ex Girlfriend

Well! When a woman says this, you should know she’s lying. She will say this but will still go and check her out on Facebook or Instagram just to see if she’s hotter than her. She’s also constantly thinking about your feelings towards that ex and whether it’s the same or more than how you feel about her.

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2. Everything Is Fine.

When you hear this from a woman, don’t assume it is true, no she’s not fine and everything is definitely not fine especially when you know it is not supposed to be.

3. I Won’t Get Mad.

When there is an issue and she presses you to tell her the truth and keeps telling you she won’t get mad so spit it out, don’t fall for it because she will definitely get mad, don’t say it no matter how sweet she is.

4. I Never Get Jealous.

Getting jealous is natural and nobody can avoid it, even God, the creator of the universe said, “He’s a jealous God” how much more us humans. Outright when a woman says this, you should know she’s lying, especially when they are like, “oh! I’m not the jealous type”. If you want to prove this, get close to another woman in her presence and watch her reaction. The fact that you can control your jealousy does not mean you’re not the jealous type.

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5. I’ve Never Done This Before.

So you get all cuddly and you want to try some new s3x move and she’s like, “I’ve never done this before but let me give it a try” and she comes out a pro, you should know that’s a big lie. Women always want to hide their s3xual abilities to portray that good girl character and so when you request for some s3x act, she will lie just to keep up appearances.

6. I Won’t Tell Anyone.

When you hear this, you should know it is a lie, because when she says anyone, it excludes her friends and family. Maybe that’s the reason why you visit her and her family will be looking at you in a weird way, they know all your secrets.

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7. I Will Be Done In 5 Minutes.

When you hear this, kindly grab a seat because you will be waiting for an hour or two.

8. I don’t have a boyfriend.

When she likes you she will lie about not having a boyfriend even if she does. Women have the tendency of saying they have boyfriends just to get men off their backs so when a woman says she doesn’t have a boyfriend, 90% of the time, she’ll be lying.

9. I Have A Boyfriend.

And when she doesn’t like you, she will lie about having a boyfriend even if she doesn’t. This is more like a get-off-my-back statement that women normally use.

10. I’ve Been With Only Two Men In My Life.

Ask her about the number of men she’s dated in her life and the number that will always come out is two, every woman says this and that’s a big lie. Women are really concerned about numbers when it comes to men they’ve dated because of how they feel it’ll make them look. They’ll feel men will think they are promiscuous if the number is high so they’ll always lie about this.

11. Have You Had An Abortion Before?

Ask any woman this question and the answer will be, No! and she’ll follow-up to ask you, “What do you think of me?” They say this when they’ve even done it 10 times before.


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