6 Ways To Get YouTube Google Adsense Approved In Nigeria

Google sued for unwanted tracking of phone locations

6 Ways To Get YouTube Google Adsense Approved In Nigeria

It seems YouTube Adsense has change their terms of approving New
YouTube channels for placing monetized adverts on their channel video.

6 Ways To Get YouTube Google Adsense Approved In Nigeria

Most Nigerians in recent times have been disapproved after apply
for the YouTube Adsense program.

How can I get my YouTube Channel Adsense Approved in Nigeria?


I know you want to get your YouTube Google Adsense approved in order to start showing monetized adverts on your videos.

It is very possible for you to get your Nigerian YouTube Adsense approved in 2017with the steps I am going to show you in some minute’s time.

YouTube are now strict in approving applications coming from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, so one has to be a bit tweaky In order to get the Google Adsense approved for any YouTube channel.

You have to be mindful of the kind of videos you create and upload on your YouTube channel, because Google Adsense team get mad at YouTuber who upload copyright video, and pornography videos, adult contents and other kind of videos related to hacking and fraudster.

In order to get your YouTube Google Adsense approved here in
Nigeria, the following things must be done.

  1. Create a new Gmail account with the Location (UK or US) note not Nigeria in order for the strategy to work out fast.
  2. Log into your newly created Gmail account by the top corner of the
    Gmail address and choose the YouTube icon.
  3. Now you have successfully open the YouTube App, by the side of the
    YouTube channel click“Create Channel”
    and fill it with all the necessary descriptions, Like name of Channel, about
    channel, Logo of your channel, channel art of your YouTube channel.
  4. Now, I believe that you must have created and edited the video you
    want to upload to your newly created YouTube channel.
  5. Go to you’re the top corner of your newly created YouTube channel
    and hit the upload icon in the profile side of the YouTube settings.
  6. Now you should have started uploading the video of your choice and
    after you are done with the uploads, all you have to do is just to start adding
    your title of video, adding of tags to your video, adding category to your
    video(for example: Funny Nigerian Videos, Health tips, Tech videos, Blogging and all that). If you also wish to add thumbnail to your video then you can add thumbnail because it helps to
    beautify the video.
  7. Add your channel art in the home page of your YouTube channel; add
    your YouTube channel logo which is very important.

Now I assume that you are already done with everything, what next?

How To Apply For YouTube Adsense In Nigeria And Get Approved Fast
In 2 Hours

Now the next thing to do is to apply for the YouTube Google Adsense Program for your YouTube channel. Don’t worry I am right there with you, I know that right now your heart is beating and panting seriously.

Okay without wasting much of your time I will work you down to getting your YouTube Google Adsense in Nigeria approved in less than two hours.

I have applied for 3 YouTube Adsense here in Nigeria and actually I got approved in less than two hours.

Steps To Applying For Nigerian YouTube Google Adsense in 2017

Like I said earlier on, YouTube has changed their terms and condition for approving new YouTube channels to displaying monetized ads on your YouTube videos. Early this year YouTube changed their terms of approving A new YouTube channel, Not just for Nigerians but for every other YouTuber outside Nigeria.

Step One:

Open your YouTube channel, by the side of your dashboard click on
Advanced setting> Monetization after that tick monetize my video and once
you have tick monetize my video follow the remaining process till you will be
redirected to you will be redirected to the Google Adsense page where you will
fill your Adsense details.

Step Two:

Now you must have been in the YouTube Adsense page where you will
fill all your details. Please in this part you have to be very conscious in
order not to make mistake in your Application, because YouTube don’t allow most
countries to edit some aspect of their Adsense Dashboard when approved.

Step Three:

In filling our name you have to be very careful, for example let assume that you want to fill in your Name. YouTube hates this kind of name pattern E.g. David C. Chisomeje, but they like names in this format “David Chisomeje Chukwudubem” so you just have to be careful why filling your name and other details.

Step Four:

In the field that requires you to input your website Url, please ignore this place because YouTube must have automatically add your YouTube channel Id.

Step Five:

Now after the first page required for you to fill, you will click continue and after that you will automatically be taken to the next page, where you will be required to fill in your contact details and other details.

Steps Six:

Now you are done in submitting your application.

Congratulations! You are done in submitting application.

How Long Does It Take Google Adsense To Approve A New YouTube Channel?

A lot of people would be asking, How long it will take YouTube Adsense in order to approve a new YouTube channel in Nigeria.

The truth here is that YouTube will not approve your new Channel now; they will only send to you a mail like this “Your application was successfully submitted”.

Now what does this implies, according to YouTube Blog, your YouTube Channel has to have about 10,000 Views before your Adsense will be approved and Ads will be placed on your Youtube videos.

Don’t be afraid or feel bad, this is just to help YouTube and their team to know the publishers they will be sending payments to every month they are able to reach the withdrawer threshold which is $100 USD.

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How Do I Know If My YouTube Channel Has Reached 10,000 Views?

Yes, it’s very easy to know when your Views reach 10,000, I will
show you how to and where to see if your YouTube Views has Reached 10,000.

Now sign into your YouTube Dashboard, after that click on the advanced option on the YouTube Side bar, now under “Advanced” option you will see the “Monetization” option there go down you will see your YouTube Progression Views and that how you know how your views has clock 10,000 Views.

After your YouTube views has clocked the maximum 10,000, then you
will get an approval message from Google Adsense stating that your Channel has
been approved to show and monetize ads on your videos.


Now, this is all you need to know about getting your Nigerian YouTube Adsense approved. Are you having any challenges concerning this tutorial?

Please try using the comment box below to ask your questions and
the editor will get back to you very shortly.

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