Full Lists Of Blogging Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria

Full Lists Of Blogging Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria
Full Lists Of Blogging Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria

Top Best 50 Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria, Blogging wouldn’t have been interesting without Niches or Categories.

Full Lists Of Blogging Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria
How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

In fact, the discovery of Blogging niches has drastically reduced the competition in Blogging.

You should know what this means to wise and hardworking bloggers In Nigeria?

Now bloggers can be successful in any niche of life they find profitable such asFood, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Entertainments, Business, Marital, Educations, Lifestyle, Blogging, Vlogging, Religion, How To’s, and Politics, Musics, Videos & Comedy and lots more.

This why you hear of many successful Blogs and Blogger in Nigeria, if you are to critically look into some of those popular blog in Nigeria, you would notice that they have focused niche that eventually made them and their blog famous.

This blog post will help new Nigerian bloggers in 2018, in order to guide them when it comes to choosing a profitable blog niche.


Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria 2018

Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria 2018

Best Blogging Niches In Nigeria 2018

Profitable Blog Niches 2018

Untapped Niches In Nigeria 2018

Untapped Profitable Niches 2018

Profitable Niche Lists 2018

What To Blog About In Nigeria.


How To Choose A Profitable Blog Niches In Nigeria 2018|2019 Guide

Newbie bloggers in Nigeria becomes confused when they don’t know why they want to start their blog.

Most bloggers makes this mistake, because they see other bloggers doing something or blogging on a popular niche, that is why they want to venture into that niche.

That is why I always tell most bloggers in Nigeria, when you can discover what interests you or something you can do without stress, and then forget about your becoming success as it would come in no time.

There are certain things you need to know before choosing a niche for your blog, so that you won’t regret venturing into that niche.

Which are as follow:

  • You should consider, High Paying Niches
  • You should consider, High Demanding Niches
  • You should consider, High Paying Niche Advertisers

They are many blogging niche, which advertisers cannot pay more than $2 per visits, why? Simply because it is not demanding or it does not pay them.

All the same nothing to worry about, but if you really want to make money from blogging in Nigeria, then you should go for high demanding niches.

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Without wasting much of your time, let us quickly look into some of the profitable niches we have in Nigeria that can pay you as high as $20 per visits.

Top 10 Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria (2018-2019 Updated)

  1. Health Niche:

The Health niche is becoming more demanding and,as there are many body diseases, sicknesses, problems emanating from the environment every day.

All these problems demand more information’s and facts so as to help people solve their health problems.  If there should be anything one should be conscious of, I think health, should be the number one thing, anything outside health is useless.

This is why advertisers pay very high for anyone blogging on the Health Niche, because they are using the blog to solve problems.

If you were to compare a Food Blogger and a Health Blogger financially, you would notice that the health blogger earns fine than that of the food blogger.

  1. Agriculture|Food Niche:

These niches are rather related that is why most of their bloggers combine them together. There over 12 Billion students carrying out massive researches on these two niches.

Therefore, if you were highly inclined in this field as a blogger, then you would notice that it is very profitable.

People search for stuffs like; How to prepare Egwusi Soup in Nigeria and many kinds of stuffs like that.

  1. Entrepreneurship Niche:

For bloggers residing in Africa, you will notice that many people are craving for information relating to entrepreneurships, Africans are now beginning to learn and discover like the Asians to become self-employed.

What a great opportunity for bloggers to make more research and come up with an easy solution that could help people benefits financially. So you could imagine how much more bloggers in this niche would be making more money?

Advertisers pay very high to publisher’s blogging on this niche, as they are doing a great job.

  1. Videos|Comedy Niche:

I still baffle me that only few smart bloggers in Nigeria has venture into this blog niche and are making it big.

Most of you should have known that Nigeria is a home of laughter, so if you are a publisher still searching for what kind of niche to venture into, then I think you must give this a onetime thought.

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You can decide to start a video comedy download websites, whereby people could always come to download new, latest Nigerian comedies and more.

Advertisers pay very high to publisher’s blogging on this niche.

  1. Scholarships|Education Niche:

I made $50 last month from Blogging because of two trending scholarships that ranked this blog on Googles first page.

Isn’t that cool!

I was glad; I did my research on this I realised that Google Advertisers pay very high for publishers on this niche.

Therefore, you can start making research of top scholarship programs in your country and re write them to make them show up on Google’s first page and work very hard to make more money.

  1. Distance Learning Niche:

These days’ people prefer studying online, and running programs and courses online.

There are little to few bloggers on this niche, last week I visited my friend who was planning to go to India for scholarships by mid-year running an online course on Programming and I was like, how did he discover that?

In addition, he told me that he was carrying out a research online and then he saw a blog post with this title ‘How to Apply for Programming Course Online’ and he applied and started his course.

Therefore, bloggers in Nigeria could take very good advantage of this niche and come up with great facts that could help Africans discover more and then as well you make more money blogging.

  1. Technology Niche:

This is a very good niche, hardworking bloggers in this niche are really making it big on their tech blog, simply by writing articles on How to’s, Phone reviews, accessories and many more stuffs related to technology and devices.

Therefore, if you are a bloggers in this niche and you can discover how you can make your blog unique, who knows if you would become the next Ogbonge Blog in Nigeria?

Google Advertisers pay huge to bloggers on this niche, so if you are technology inclined, then this is an opportunity to make the best from blogging in Nigeria.

  1. Lifestyle Niche:

I love this niche, because it helps me to express myself and lots more, and also Google Advertisers are very fair in payments, it’s not too bad, it’s not too good, but it’s cool for bloggers.

Fashion designer Mai Atafo’s office gutted by fire

This is where Travel, Cooking, Culture, Tourism, Events, and many kind Vlogscome in.

There are few Lifestyle Bloggers in Nigeria, and so this is a great opportunity for you to stand out by making your Lifestyle blog impact on people massively.

In the past year, many people have always testify good about how Lifestylenaijablog is really fun to be, and I am so glad having this blog.

  1. Music Niche:

Music niche is so cool that it has so many good effects on human life problems, everyone loves music. It is very demanding, this why many people are craving for new music.

You should know that the music niche is very broad; this is why I am so happy for most Nigerian music bloggers who decided to pick one out of all kind of music niches, this is why today we have Nigerian Gospel Musician Bloggers, Nigerian Pop Musician Bloggers

In this music niche, Google Advertisers pay very fine for Bloggers on this niche, so you can discover how to make your music blog more popular than other music blogs in Nigeria.

  1. Sports Niche:

Sports blogging niche in Nigeria is so cool, if you can find a special area that interests you;in fact, to be honest with you, there are no much sports blog in Nigeria.

In order to become successful as a sports blogger in Nigeria, you need to look for strategies that can make your blog more interesting and unique. You can check out few blogs like:


  1. Todaysgame Nigeria
  2. Completesports Nigeria
  3. Wolexis Blog
  4. Sportsunite Nigeria
  5. Arsenal Newspaper

Therefore, you can check all those Nigerian sports blog to see how you can be able to starts your own sports blog.

Todays game Nigeria and Complete sports Nigeria is really doing fine on their blogs, in fact they are my favorite sports blogs in Nigeria.

Do you have questions to ask related to this blog post? If yes, please use the comment box below to ask your questions and our editor will get back to you as soon as possible.


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