How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria, Top 10 Ways To Make Millions

How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria
How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

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How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria, Top 10 Ways To Make Millions
How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria, Top 10 Ways To Make Millions

Those are some of topics we would be trashing out in this blog post, from recent research; it is only 40-50% of bloggers in Nigeria that makes money from their blog Weekly & Month End.

For you to be happy doing what you can do best on the internet(Blogging) then you have to be making money, on a more serious note if you have not started making a dime from your blog, then i think this blog post was fully written for you.

I promise you that once you are done reading and practicing everything you are going to be seeing here on BB you will notice a dramatic change in your blog earnings, when i am talking about earning i mean from every loops and corners of your blog.

This is super possible, and i believe it is going to work out for everyone that set his or her eyes on this blog post.

Also in this blog post, i will be sharing some of the ways i also made money from my blog.

So without wasting much of your time, lets quickly get down to business. Below are some of the quick and fast ways you can easily make money from blogging in Nigeria.

How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria
How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria
  1. Google Adsense:

On a more serious note, making money from Google Adsense as a blogger is so sweet if you are having tons of traffic seriously coming from places like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, as Google Adsense pays each publisher high for those visitors coming from those countries.

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So if you are getting at least 100,000 page views a month, it has been estimated that you can earn as high as $8,000-10,000 USDfrom Google Adsense if your traffics is coming from those class of countries.

Unlike bloggers or publishers here in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Ghana don’t make as high pay, because their traffics are not coming from those countries.

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But better still they still earn good income as well.

But getting serious traffics from US, UK, Canada, and Australiais really cool enough and you will enjoy blogging.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

If you having searching the internet for the fastest ways to make money from blogging in Nigeria, then Affiliate Marketing is best way to make money from Blogging in Nigeria.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way of making money from blogging in Nigeria, simply because you have control on how you make your money from your affiliate, you can make up to $200 in a week from Affiliate Programs like Bluehost Affiliate Program.

This is one of my best Affiliate Program, as it pays you up to $65 USD for each sales you make for them, Bluehost Affiliate Program is very Reliable, Trusted, Accurate, Quality 24/7 Services with Fastest & Highest Payouts.

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So if you are very much interested in learning how to join theBluehost Affiliate Program and make money fast then CheckThis Post Out.

  1. Selling Digital Products Online:

This also one of my best methods of making money from blogging, here i have 100% control on how much i want to earn from my digital products sales.

Take for instance i have an E-Book worth $30 and i run a Facebook Ads and make 30 sales in a day, that’s roughly $900 USD in a day.

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Huge amounts you’ve got selling your products online, so you could imagine a thousand people stumble upon your blog posts and purchased your products, that much sales if you don’t know.

  1. Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts simply means when someone promotes his or her brand or product name or even affiliate link using your blog, it will be written in form of an article or something, so you will now do the write ups and then you get paid for it, at times i charge up to $200, since i get up to 2,000-3,000 unique visitors a day and 1,500 daily readers here, i charge a bit high.

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So you can charge depending on your blog daily visitors.

So this is how you can make cool cash from sponsored posts on your blog.

  1. Selling Advert Space:

This is another big way of making money from your blog through blogging in Nigeria, it’s been tested and confirmed as most top blogs get opportunity to place adverts on their blog for a period of time, depending on your agreement with your advertisement clients.

  1. Selling Your Service Online:
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This is one of my most preferred methods of making money online from blogging in Nigeria, i have been make up to $80 USD from services i render here on my blog, people keep hiring me for different services like Blog Setup, Facebook Customer Chatbot and so many online services i render, it’s pretty cool making money from just selling your services online as a blogger.

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You Can Take a Look at My Blog Services Here: so if you are very lucrative enough and know that you can handle many online stuffs, then you can easily create one for your blog and start making cool cash into your bank account.


Now that you’ve seen the top 6 ways you can use from today to start making money from your blog, i want you to start implementing them on your blog and if well done, you will begin to notice to a tremendous increase in your blog earnings.

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Any Question? Any Suggestion? Please kindly use the comment box below to drop them and let’s rub minds together.

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