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There are many beautiful things about love, such as joy, happiness, contentment, protection amongst others. Most people physically protect the ones they love whenever the need arises; but most people fail to realize that protecting your partner goes beyond the physical sense. It is also protecting the ones we love emotionally and defending them too.

Protect your partner From outsiders

When you are in a relationship with someone that you love, you both become one entity; the radiance of the love you both share must reflect through both of you so you must be ready to protect your partner from insults, slanders, bulling and any forms of attacks that may come their way. Nobody should be more important that your partner especially when you married to that person. Your family and friends may have different ideas, opinions and views about your lover, it’s your duty to cajole them into understanding your partner and when the need arises, protect your partner from them. Let them know how important this person is to you. In whatever gathering or meetings, let partner feel safe and know he or she is not safe.

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Protect your partner from you

Also refrain from insulting, abusing your partner either in private or in public. Arguments are bound to happen but the success or failure of your relationship lies in your ability to diffuse the problem and solve it before it gets messy. When you want to correct your lover, correct in love. Communicate your feelings without intentionally hurting your partner. This is because if you want to protect your partner effectively, you have to protect her from the worst of your emotions.

Be a safe haven
Let your arms be a safe haven, let your partner know that no matter who or what plan to hurts him or her, you are there to keep them safe. Don’t laugh at your partner rather laugh with your partner. When he or she falls, be there to lift him or her up not to make mockery of him or her or rub “I told you so” on his or her face.

Real security comes from the fact that the one you are dating or marries to, can protect you no matter the odds and from everyone else. Love always protect, so protect that special person from friends, family and toxic people and defend them whenever the need arises. This has been Relationship corner, don’t forget to like, share and comment.

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