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Many people often underestimate the power of foreplay. They feel why linger over the food, they prefer to eat it all at once, but they fail to understand that foreplay is as beautiful as sex. Often times, when people think of foreplay, they think of sexual things we do right before sex, but foreplay is more than that. It is the subtle hints, the obvious displays, the wild thoughts and the sexual vibes you get from or you give your partner way before the bedroom comes into view. Research has shown that women enjoy more of foreplay than penetration and they reach orgasm more often if foreplay is introduced before sex. Though kissing, oral sex, and the likes are common examples of foreplay there are more that can drive you and your partner crazy before you guys have sex. These are some examples –

Dirty Talks

Foreplay do not necessarily have to start before sex. Little dirty talks can send shivers of excitement through the spine. “Telling your partner how you want to rip his or her clothes apart and make sweet love to them” or “how you want to kiss every inch of her or his body” or “how you want to do crazy things to his or her body”, will add fire to both your bodies and the sex that may occur later will be hotter.

Use your Body
Let your body send signals that you are hot for him or her. A wink, biting your lower lip, blow a kiss once in awhile, a slight brush on his sensitive parts all through the day, will drive your partner crazy and make your partner crave you more. When your partner is having a busy day, these not- so- subtle movement will create fantasies of the time when he or she can ravish all parts of you.

After a stressful day, massage will relax the mind; especially for the ladies. When a lady is stressed, a massage can unlock all their stressed points, but a well performed massage can do more than unlock stress points, it can also unlock sexual points. With the right ointment or oil, massaging some delicate parts of her naked body, can light her body on fire and lead to an exciting and orgasmic sex.

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Playful fights
Running around the house, playing, playful fights, pillow fights and the likes, can both spice your sexual life and increase intimacy. Running around the house especially naked, and letting your partner pin you down or you pin your partner down can lead to fiery sweet sex and increased intimacy.

A Kissing Game
We can mention foreplay without adding kissing. Kiss your partner. Kiss his eyes, nose, his stomach, his lips, every inch of him, kiss her boobs, her legs, her neck, nibble her ears or his ears. Drive your partner wild with kisses. Kisses that won’t only turn him on but make him hot with desire for you.

Making him or her Breathless
I read about this somewhere and found it to be both interesting and fun. Let you and your partner lie in opposite directions facing each other, and you will breathe in while he or she will breathe out and then you breathe out while your partner breathe in. This may sound simple but it promote intimacy because you will be sharing the very air.

There are more than these examples of foreplay, don’t be upset I didn’t add your favorite. Foreplay doesn’t only spice your sex life, it spices up your love life. Many complain that the sex in their relationship is boring but the key to a fun filled sex, is foreplay. Others complain they rarely reach orgasm during sex, foreplay brings out the orgasmic feeling in sex. A sex – starved man or woman is bound to cheat, satisfy your partner sexually and it reduces the chances of your partner cheating, and you can satisfy with foreplay.

Foreplay increases intimacy between you and your partner. It allow you guys to share parts of yourselves with each other than no one will ever know. Foreplay adds sugar to your relationship. This has been Relationship Corner, don’t forget to share, like and comment. I remain your homie Eddie Schwaggs

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