Whatsapp Training: How To Use Whatsapp For Training And Make Money

Gone are those days where you have to start paying for event training halls and seminar halls as the case may be.

Whatsapp Training: How To Use Whatsapp For Training And Make Money
Whatsapp Training: How To Use Whatsapp For Training And Make Money

With the help of some social media platforms like Whatsapp & Facebook you can now bring huge amount of people to teach them on a particular theme or topic.

It can be How to Get the Best from Affiliate Programs & so many more.

Yesterday I talked about how you can use Whatsapp to make money in 2018 and in that post I exposed so many tips and secrets you can use to make huge amount of money from the Whatsapp group events.

So in case you missed that blog post on how to make money from using Whatsapp, then you can read the full topic here and share with me your experience.

If you’ve made research to see the statistics of people making use of the Whatsapp media in the world, you will notice that there are so much big opportunities in there.

And to be sincere there are yet little to no amount of people making use of this great opportunities.

Whatsapp Training: How To Use Whatsapp For Training And Make Money

Only few entrepreneurs are taking very good advantage of this great opportunity and are busy making money online even from home.

In countries like Nigeria whereby 80% of people prefer using the Whatsapp media to chat with their friends as it does not consumes much of data bundle, then is a very good opportunity to catch them in mass.

I am teaching you how you can use your Whatsapp group, personal account to make money to your bank account.

I see so many people who just come to Whatsapp to chat, have fun and at the same time while away their precious time with their family, boyfriends and girl friends.

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What on earth!

Whereby you can be able to turn your idea into a money making machine.

Well I believe that once you’re done reading this article, your mindsets will tremendously change and you will start making the best from the Whatsapp media.

Do you know that the Whatsapp you use every day to chat with your friends and family is used by others to make serious money online?

If you’re wondering what a webinar is: A webinar is simply a seminar held or hosted over the internet (online).

8 Things you could do with Whatsapp you probably don’t know

Host webinars
Offer one-on-one coaching to clients.
Offer group coaching
Hold conference
Hold consultation session
Build personal relationship with clients
Make video/voice calls with clients
Sell your products
Drive massive traffic to a landing page
You can now see that with just your Whatsapp account you can make a living from home.

Come to think of this, if you were to host a program on Whatsapp group with over 1000 members and 500 members are willing to purchase a product you want to sell for $30?

That’s a very huge some of dollars!

Now you can now see that the chances of making money from Whatsapp trainings are unlimited.

There are some certain requirements you need to have in order to start making money from Whatsapp trainings, seminars, programs, workshops and webinars.

I will be listing all of them out for you so that you can know what you’re about venturing into.

Requirement Needed To Make Money From Whatsapp Trainings

Data Connection
Smart Android Phone Or PC
Whatsapp Group
Knowledge, Idea of the program, trainings or webinar you intend hosting
These are some of the requirements needed to make money from Whatsapp trainings.

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Making money from your Whatsapp trainings is pretty easy for anyone who wants to take good advantages of them.

There is nothing I don’t believe you cannot do, definitely you should have an area where you specialize best on, so you can make research deeply in that category to know what problems people are having and provide a solution to that problem, which you’ll convert it into a program or workshop on Whatsapp group training.

Let’s get down to business on how to use Whatsapp trainings to make money in 2018.

5 Ways To Make Money On Whatsapp

Start Selling Your Services:
If you can find out what you have passion in and what you like doing best, then you can take an opportunity from them and start making your money from Whatsapp.

When i mean selling your services online it could be that you’re a Freelance Writer, Website Developer, SEO Strategist, Social Media Strategist, Trip Advisor, Music Writer, Guest Blogger and so many more.

Selling your services could be, by getting jobs from members of Whatsapp groups or your Whatsapp contacts friends.

Don’t forget you need to market yourself on different massive Whatsapp group in order for people to consider paying you money to offer a service.

Start Organizing Paid Seminars, Symposiums, Workshops:
This is one of my best methods of making money from Whatsapp, at times i will decide to host a Whatsapp meetups for Nigerian Bloggers or i will decide to organize an SEO Trainings for newbie bloggers for just $30, any interested candidates will be added to the group and automatically participate and you’re making money as the host, so imagine if you are having 50 Participant for your seminar?

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That’s much money you know!

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Start Creating And Monetizing Videos:
If you know that the video you want to offer to people for free, is something that can change their life financially, materially, or even health wise then i think you should sell that video for some small dollars, so you won’t feel cheated, as so many people will gain.

Don’t forget that everything is happening on Whatsapp group.

Market Your Self Using Whatsapp:
If you don’t tell people what you are doing, who will hire you to carry out a service?


So you need to try to market yourself on Whatsapp group almost every day as new people tend to join the group every day.

It’s pretty easy; you can simply do that by writing a detailed post on who you are, what you do and so many more.

Start An Affiliate Blog:
Having an affiliate blog can easily speed up the process for you to start making cool cash from Whatsapp.

There are so many Affiliate Programs online that can help you make up to $300 monthly if you’re really working very hard on Whatsapp to get multiple clients and don’t forget to treat them.

These are some of the ways you can use Whatsapp trainings to make money from the comfort of your home.

Are there still any other strategies i have not mentioned in this blog post, if yes please let begin our conversation using the comment box below.


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