10 Quick Daily Body Toning Exercises for a More Toned Figure

10 Quick Daily Body Toning Exercises for a More Toned Figure

10 Quick Daily Body Toning Exercises
Getting toned is a big goal for many women. We’ve seen others on Instagram look amazing and we want in on it.

10 Quick Daily Body Toning Exercises for a More Toned Figure

The good news is that, while there are lots of other things you need to do in order to get and maintain a toned figure, such as eat right, there are also 10 quick and easy daily body toning exercises you can do which will bring you closer to your goal.

The key is to stay consistent and to put in the work each day. If you can stay consistent, you’ll be fitter, more toned and healthier and happier than ever.

Let’s take a look at these…

Top 10 quick daily body toning exercises that anyone can do at home or in the gym:
Push Ups

Push ups are fab body toning exercises that target your shoulders, triceps and chest.

All you need to do is begin by posting your body with your shoulders apart, your arms straight and your abs nice and tight. Basically, put yourself in the plank position.

Then, lower yourself down until your chest is 2 inches from your mat, with your elbows at around a 45 degree angle.

Then, push with all your strength your torso away from the floor until your arms lock.

Repeat a few times.

Biceps Curl

This quick, daily exercise works your back, shoulder and biceps and you begin by standing with a weight in each hand. Keep your arms down and then curl the weights up towards your shoulders.

As you do this, rotate your palms towards your chest.

Do 12 reps.

This is one of the most trendy body toning exercises.

“Do you even lift, bro?”

“I squat, bro.”

If you want to get a more toned figure, you have to squat.

Squats are fantastic for a total lower body workout, but they primarily target your thighs, hips and butt.

Begin by positioning your feet wider apart than your hips (but only slightly. Keep your shoulders down and your back straight, and point your toes forward.

Try to maintain a straight back as you lower your body to the floor, as you’re sitting down in a chair. Once your thighs are parallel with the floor, rise back up again. Move slowly so as not to pull a muscle and then rinse and repeat.

Squats are super straightforward but also very effective and you can easily do them at home.

Abs Exercises
If you want a more toned figure, you need to target your abs so that they’re stronger than ever. The exercises we’re going to look here is nice and quick, and it’s a great way to boost both your flexibility and your agility while preventing nasty back pain.

Begin by lying on your back. Bring your arms up slowly before slowly raising your left leg. Bend it at the knee and touch it with your hand.

Bring your leg back down and return to the initial position. Repeat the move with your right leg and arm. Remember at all times that the right arms goes to the right leg and the left arm goes to the left one.

If you want a more toned figure, you need to target your quadriceps and the muscles in your butt.

To do, lunges work well.

There are different ways to perform a lunge, and the most popular one is the forward lunge. For this one, you need to bring your left leg forward, before squatting down with your back straight. Bend both your knees before returning to standing push up on your heel on the left leg.

Alternate between each leg and repeat.

Side Plank
A really easy move, the side plank fits easily into your daily body toning exercises repertoire.

Start by lying on your left side with your legs extended, and your feet and hips stacked.

Then, hold yourself up with your left forearm, keeping your elbow beneath your shoulder.

Put your right hand on your waist before slowing lifting your his as high as possible. Hold for 20 seconds before lowering and switching sides. Then, repeat.

Go Running
Who likes running?

Some people hate it, some people don’t mind it – and others really quite like it.

If you don’t especially hate running, you should definitely do more. It’s a great exercise that gets you outdoors, and it works all your core muscles, from your arms to your legs to your butt.

Plus, it gets your heart pumping.

If you find running a tad boring, why not ask a friend if they want to head out with you? Or, you could use running as a chance to de-stress or come up with some new ideas for a project.

Stomach Crunches
If you want a flat, muscle stomach, you need to do stomach crunches. There are no if’s, buts or maybes with this one. You have to do ‘em.

That’s going to come as a major disappointment to some of you because, yes, stomach crunches do hurt.

But they’re super effective, too.

If you really, REALLY hate them, get them out of the way by doing them first thing in the morning.

Sure, this one sounds a little odd. But it’s one of super quick body toning exercises you can do each day for a more toned figure.

Bending forward, put your hands on the floor. Position them in front of your feet, before walking hands forward until you’re in the plank position.

Then, perform a push-up “inching” back to the starting position.

Standing Lift
This one works your shoulders and back, and you begin by standing with your right foot in front of your left. Hold one weight with each hand, keeping your arms extended.

Then, rotate your arms across and up before returning to the starting position. Repeat with the other side.

What are your favourite body toning exercises?

Stay beautiful!

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