Five Things You Should Never Do After You Catch Your Partner Cheating

Five Things You Should Never Do After You Catch Your Partner Cheating

You didn’t think you would ever find yourself in these shoes, but unfortunately, you have caught your partner cheating on you. Read this before you make your next move.

Five Things You Should Never Do After You Catch Your Partner Cheating

Don’t Put The Decision To Leave Or Stay In Someone Else’s Hands
Your mother says you should leave; your bestie says give him another chance. But it’s your choice whether the relationship is worth salvaging or not. People will always have their own opinions, but the final decision on how to proceed is yours.

No one else can appreciate what is best for you, and what is going to work for you going forward. You’re the only person who can decide whether you want to continue being in the relationship or not. There is no shame in staying, and there is no shame in leaving.

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Don’t Ignore The Cause Of Cheating
It may ease the pain to just ignore your partner’s infidelity. But doing so won’t address the underlying issues in your relationship. Trying to ignore the reason your partner cheated will only leave the relationship on shaky ground. And your resentment will likely build and eventually rear its ugly head.

So, ask all the questions you want, even knowing that you may not get all the answers you want to hear. Before you know whether to invest in rebuilding the relationship, you need to figure out why the infidelity happened.

Never Try To Get Even
You may want to trash-talk your partner on social media, destroying some of their things or maybe have an affair of your own. However, attempting to even the score will do you no good and may even come with consequences.

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Trying to get even keeps your anger alive, and keeps you in a state of negativity, which will prevent you from moving on and going forward in your life. To recover from the infidelity, you need to try to be on the same team, not opposing ones.

Don’t Fall Apart
It’s very normal to have a good cry after a break up, and when the breakup follows a long-term relationship, expect to need time to recover. Realize that this situation won’t define you.

Holing up in your apartment, eating ice cream with the blinds closed, watching any random show on tv, and showing no interest in answering your phone is a bad idea. Instead, see it as a chance to start over. Yes, it may be a different life, but things may turn out even better.

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Never Play The Victim Card
While you may not deserve someone cheating on you, it doesn’t mean you should wallow in self-pity. Playing the victim will keep you feeling helpless and damaged, and it will continue to keep you feeling bad about yourself.

Don’t get The Kids Involved
If you have children, do your best to keep them out of it until absolutely necessary. The situation should stay between you and partner. Otherwise, the kids are put in a situation where they are forced to choose between the two of you.

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