10 Compliments Your Girlfriend/wife Desperately Wants to Hear (Tips for Men)

10 Compliments Your Girlfriend/wife Desperately Wants to Hear (Tips for Men)

10 Compliments your girlfriend/wife desperately wants to hear from you (tips for men)

Heartfelt compliments are one of the easiest and most effective ways of letting a person know that you care about them, but sometimes, when we are in a relationship, we get out of the habit of letting our partners know that we appreciate how they look, or how much we love the things that they do.

10 Compliments Your Girlfriend/wife Desperately Wants to Hear (Tips for Men)

Men are the worst for this. They tend to assume that their girlfriend or wife knows how they feel, so they are not always that good at putting their feelings into words.

Listen up guys! Everyone likes a pat on the back occasionally, even your wife or girlfriend, so check out these ten compliments that your partner is just aching to hear from you.

1. Wow! That was great!

This could apply equally to a great lasagne or a night of passion, but don’t just let all the wonderful things that she does for you, just pass by uncommented on. So, her lasagne always tastes great. That’s still no excuse for taking it for granted and not showing come appreciation for all the effort she put into making it for you.

2. I wouldn’t change a single thing about you

No one’s perfect, we all know that, but how about telling her that she is perfect for you? Girls can get quite hung up about their little imperfections and personality traits, and she may not realise that you love them as much as you love everything else about her. Tell her you love her, just the way she is, because that’s one of the compliments she is dying to hear.

3. You look fabulous

You look fab, you look hot…you choose your own words here, but don’t forget to tell your girlfriend or wife that she still looks great to you. Remind her that she still looks as fantastic today, as the day that you met her, and that she has still got what it takes for you. It will make her feel great about herself and make her feel secure.

4. I love the way you have done your hair

Everyone jokes about how husbands and boyfriends fail to notice when their girlfriend or wife has a new hairstyle, or is wearing their makeup differently, but seriously guys, do pay attention! She wants you to like the changes she makes to her appearance and it’s important to her that you notice. Don’t just ignore it; compliment her when she has her hair styled differently.

5. I love your style

The ladies love their clothes, so it would be well advised to take notice of her sense of style too. If you love her in a particular outfit, then tell how great she looks in it, but don’t forget to compliment her on a new outfit as well. Remember, it’s not just the clothes that she chooses; it is how she puts together an outfit that makes her sense of style unique.

6. I know you can do it

Compliments are not just about stroking a person’s ego; they are also about boosting a person’s self-confidence. When your wife or girlfriend is up for a promotion, or about to take on a big task, give her a boost by complementing her, and telling her that you have confidence in her. Mutual support and encouragement are a part of what make for a successful relationship.

7. I love the way that you can always surprise me

No one wants to think that they are boring, so telling your partner that they can still surprise you will also tell her that you still find her interesting and that there is nothing boring about her at all. Boredom is always a bit of a danger in a long term relationship, but with this compliment, you can put her mind at rest that you still find her as fascinating today, as you always have.

8. You make me so proud

Celebrate your girl’s achievements and tell her how proud of her you are. She will feel far more loved and appreciated if you tell her you are proud of her and the things that she does. Encourage her in her ambitions and her dreams, as much as she no doubt encourages you, and you will both become better people together.

9. Getting together with you was the best thing I ever did

Any woman will be happy to hear that her man has no regrets. This is a compliment that says that you know you made a good decision and that there is no one else in the world that can replace the lady in your life. Who wouldn’t be pleased to hear that?

10. I don’t care what anyone else thinks

This one may not sound like a compliment, but you are telling your girlfriend or wife that it is her opinion that counts, not anyone else’s. That means that you trust her and that she comes first, and that’s just the way that it should be.

Stay happy!

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