10 Ways to read body language

How to Read Body Language?

So you want to get better at understanding people non-verbally? How to Read Body Language?10 Ways to read body language

Reading body language is a valuable skill that can help you out in so many situations. It can tell you what a date is thinking, how likely it is that someone is going to hire you and so on.

It can basically improve your own communication skills.

People send out nonverbal cues all the time, and while they don’t always expect you to pick up on them it sure is handy if you can. It’s an extra skill that can make your life a whole lot easier by improving the way you respond to people and the decisions you make.

In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at these…10 Ways to read body language

It’s All In The Eyes 

Oscar Wilde once quipped that the eyes are the windows to our soul. While we’re not saying that all you need to do is peer into someones eyes to be able to see their soul, what’s true is that eye behaviour can tell you a lot about what a person is thinking/feeling.

When you talk with someone, notice how often they make eye contact with you. If they don’t, it might mean they’re either disinterested/bored – or that they’re being totally deceitful! This is especially true if they look away when they’re talking to you. It’s as though they’re actively trying to hide something.

Dilated pupils are also something to look out for. When our cognitive effort increases, our pupils have a tendency to dilate. It won’t be easy to spot this, but in the right conditions you can definitely see if someones pupils are dilating.

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Notice how often a person is blinking, too. If a person is blinking a lot, it’s a strong indicator that they’re feeling a bit stressed right now.

Clenched Jaw = Stress

Ever notice someones neck tighten? Usually, it accompanies a clenched jaw. And a clenched jaw typically means that a person is very stressed.

It doesn’t matter what they’re saying to you- – if their jaw is clenched, it means they feel uncomfortable.

For example, even if you’re talking about something that shouldn’t be stressful, their jaw might still be clenched because they’re dwelling on something stressful at the back of their minds.

Check The Smile 

You probably assume that if a person is smiling it means they’re enjoying themselves, right?

Well, not quite …

See, a person can perform a fake smile without much trouble. A fake smile is fairly easy to spot – it’s when the person only uses their mouth.

On the other hand, if a smile is genuine, it engages their whole face.

When a smile is genuine, it means that this person is having a good time and enjoying your company. It suggests pleasure.

A fake smile, on the other hand (which is often preceded by a grimace) suggests something else. It suggests dissatisfaction or sarcasm. The person isn’t really enjoying themselves but probably wants to leave as soon as possible.

How Often Do They Nod Their Head?

If you ask for someones approval, it’s typical that they’ll say “yes” and nod their head.

However, if they seem to be nodding their head constantly and with exaggeration, it tends to mean that they’re feeling a bit anxious.

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For example, if you’re giving out instructions to a colleague and they nod their head furiously, it should tell you that they’re not really confident about this. Either they think that you doubt their ability, or they don’t think they’re going to be able to make a success of things.

Consider a dating scenario. If at the end of a date you tell them you’d like to see them again and they nod their head a lot, you might want to take this as a sign that they’re probably not going to call you back. Sucks but it happens, and as long as you’re good at reading body language at least you’ll already know for sure that this isn’t going to work out.

Consider Proximity 

How close is someone standing next to you? Proximity is a key nonverbal cue. The closer someone sits or stands next to you, the more in rapport you are.

On the other hand, if they clearly back away from you and remain always at a distance, it means they’re not feeing this.

Proximity should be used to read body language in dating scenarios. If the person gets close to the point where they almost touch you, they feel connected with you.

The Perfect Posture 

Posture tells you SO much about how someone is feeling.

If they’re a tad crouched over? It means they’re either hiding something or they’ve got no confidence.

If they’re stood erect and taking up space with their presence, however, it means they’ve got lots of confidence.

In fact, they’ve got so much confidence that they totally own this room. They’re in charge!

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It’s all about what a person does with the space around them. If they expand into it, they’re feeling powerful and they want you to see them and respect them. If they shrink from it, they don’t want you to notice them.

Raised Eyebrows 

When cartoonists draw faces, the way they use eyebrows makes or breaks an expression. Inverted eyebrows instantly create an angry face, for example.

It’s the same with real humans. If you want to understand how they’re feeling, take a look at their eyebrows. If they’re relaxed and having a good time, there probably won’t be too much eyebrow action.

On the other hand, if they’re worried or surprised, their eyebrows will go up.

And if they’re not feeling too good? They’ll probably frown.

When They Literally Copy You

Lastly, if a person you’re spending time with mirrors your actions – crossing their legs at the same time as you, stroking their hair when you stroke yours etc – it means they’re in rapport with you. They’re having a good time and, unconsciously at least, they’re mirroring you.

The next time a date copies what you do, take it as a sign that they’re having a fab time!

Do you have other tips on how to read body language?

Stay happy!



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