How to treat her like a queen — Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love, women always want to be a man’s last romance.”

Oscar Wilde

How to treat her like a queen  — Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

Women are numerous as the sands of the earth, but there will be always a woman special to you. The way you treat this lady will determine whether she will stay in your life or not.

Some men feel their wives are baby making machines, others feel their wives are banks. But a woman is more than a helper or a birth-er, she is a friend, a comforter, a passionate lover and a gift that should be treated with respect, love and care.

Take care of the woman you love and she will glow like the sun. As stated “protect her like a daughter, love her like a wife and respect her like she is your mother”.

This is nothing but the truth, your woman deserves this and much more. A woman is like a beautiful cloth, here are some tips on how to take care of this cloth :

I. Compliment her

Tell her she is beautiful, pay her compliments at any time and at the right moments. Let your compliments be sincere and straight from your heart. Let her know you value her physical and intellectual beauty.

II. Build trust

Trust is one of the foundations of a good relationship. Build her trust, let her know she can always trust you in any place at any given time. Trust can be gained slowly, so take your time to help it grow.

III. Love her

Love her with all your heart and let her know you do. Keep reminding her with your actions and words that you do. Love is not jealous, love is not wicked, love does not hate. Make sure your love for her genuine and let it shine through your heart and unite with hers.

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How to treat her like a queen  — Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

IV. Respect her

Treat her with respect. Respect her wishes, don’t impose yours. Respect her thoughts, she is smarter than you think. Don’t abuse her, don’t make her feel less than she is. Treat her like a queen and she will treat like a king. Always remember that she has different thoughts, background, history, and opinions of the world different from yours, so try to be empathetic to her at all times.

V. Protect and defend her

At any given moment, protect her. Protect her from any thing and anyone who seeks to hurt her. Defend her pride and honor in the midst of friends and foes, family and strangers. She should always feel safe around you. Don’t only protect her physically, also protect her from emotionally attacks. Defend her even in absence.

VI. Communicate her

Listen to her when she talks to you and try to remember what she says. Listen to her talk, to her challenges, to her happy thoughts, listen, listen, listen. Women love it when you listen to them, it shows you value them. Don’t stop listening to her even when you are upset. Communicate your feelings to her too. Know her as she should know you. Talk about everything and anything. Communication is the bedrock of a beautiful relationship, so communicate verbally and physically.

VII. Understand her

Try to be empathetic to her. Understand her personality, the reason she does the things she does and why. Consider her when you do things with her, for her and with her. Think how the things you do affect her. Understand her feelings without her even uttering it out.

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VIII. Be Gallant

Do the little things, open the door for her, cook for her, play with her, treat her with respect. Touch her gently and kindly and that touch will light embers of passion in her. Don’t beat her, she is not a goat, treat her as the person that you love. Take good care of her, don’t let her ever lack love, or happiness.

How to treat her like a queen  — Relationship Corner with Eddie SchwaggsIX. Be Faithful

Don’t cheat on her. Infidelity is rampant these days, don’t fall prey. Show her you love her by being faithful to her. Shun any other woman politely and don’t put yourself in comprising positions. Let her be your centre of attention and affection.

X. Put her first

In every aspect, put her first. Let her be the first person you think about asides you. Think of her before taking any decision. Let her be prominent in your life. Be proud of her, show her to the world. Let everyone else know that she is the first person you think of and the person you love the most.

XI. Love and build yourself

Love yourself, so you can love her better. Take care of yourself, treat yourself well and respect yourself. Be responsible and build yourself, have goals and aspirations. Strive to achieve these dreams. Have fun with yourself and with her too. Don’t be clingy. Know when to be there with her and when to give her space. Don’t smother her. Let your actions and words depict maturity and the fact you respect her privacy.

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XII. Notice everything about her

Notice every little detail about her. What makes her tick, her flaws, her weaknesses, her strengths, her scars both skin deep and heart deep. Know her body as well as her mind. Let the totality of her be embedded in your mind.

XIII. Surprise her

Surprise her once in a while, take her to her favorite places, buy a gift for her even when it is not a special occasion. Make every day special for her. Also do things with her, for her and to her that you don’t do on a normal day like giving her a massage.

XIV. Be Generous

Be generous with your money, time, attention and affection. Don’t be stingy with any of these, she is your jewel, treat her as one.

XV. Important Dates

Let important dates to her be important to you. Don’t forget them!!. Your woman will appreciate you more if you remember important dates, it shows that you care about everything concerning her.

Your woman deserves your life, invest in her and she will blossom. Treat her like the stars and she will shine in your sky. She might look fragile and gullible but she is more than that, she is a queen and she will bow only to her king. This has been Relationship Corner.

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