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“Never get tired of doing little things for your partner. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart”

– The Gottman Institute

Everyone needs a little bit of Tender Loving Care (TLC) from time to time. TLC makes us feel special and feel loved. Doing caring things like massaging your mother’s hurting ankle or helping a tired friend with his bag, is showing the person on each circumstance that you love them and in turn, they will feel loved and special. No matter the gender, race, beliefs etc, every person wants to feel loved; TLC lights the embers of this feeling in us.

When it comes to romantic relationships, TLC can turn a sour relationship to a sweet one. From helping with dirty dishes, to babysitting the kids when your partner can’t, to combing her hair, the person at the receiving end of these little acts, will feel cared for and loved. Though depending on the moods, places, seasons et al, the amount of TLC may differ but it doesn’t deny the fact that TLC is needed. Many people feel that TLC is not needed and they don’t have space in their lives for such acts, but if they can take a pause and feel the care, they will discover that the effects are tremendous. TLC does not have any peculiarity to sex though it can spark flames of longing. If you are wondering how to show your partner TLC, here are some tips :

1. Little Things

Do the little things. The things that you may feel it’s inconsequential, may actually be what your partner needs at that point in time. Little things like helping with the laundry, and other little things that can spark feelings of being love in your partner.

2. A Good Massage

A good massage can ease away the stress off the day off your partner. Back massages and foot massages will show that you care about your partner’s well-being and you want him or her to be relaxed and happy.

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3. Cook for your Partner

Preparing his or her favorite dish, will show him or her how much you care and love him or her. Especially on a bad day, being thoughtful enough to cook his or her favorite dish, will make s/he feel better. Cooking together can create or deepen the bond you share.

4. Be Considerate

Learn to read your partner’s moods and understand his or her personality. Know when something is wrong with him, know when she needs space. Be empathetic to him or her and always show that you love him.

5. “I love you”

These words should never leave your lips. Tell him or her at the right moments and places. Never fail to assure him or her of how much you love him or her and that you care.

6. Hugs and kisses

Hug him or her at the right moments, kiss him unannounced in different places and at different times at every opportunity you get. You don’t have to restrict kisses and hugs to the bedroom or private places or at planned moments. Kiss and hug at anytime.

7. Speak in Love

No matter what s/he does, always speak in love. If he picks his nose in public, or she makes smacking sounds with chewing gums, tell him or her gently and lovingly how those habits are bad and they need to be changed. Never destructive criticize him or her.

8. What Makes your Partner Happy?

You must be able to answer this question. Try to find out makes him or her happy and excited. Do these things and also find new ways to make her or him feel happy.

Tender Loving Care is really about the little things that we do to that special person that makes them feel loved. Getting your girlfriend a Porsche will show you can take of her monetary needs but the way you hold, speak, treat her will show how much you value her. Ladies, men needs TLC too, underneath the hard exterior, there is a heart yearning to be loved; so don’t forget to show him he is special to you. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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