How is your Sex Life?

How is your Sex Life?

How is your Sex Life?

“Sex is emotion in motion”
Mae West

Our sex life is an integral part of our lives. For some, their sex life is dormant, for others, their sex life is very active. When faced with the question “How is your sex life?” , many offer impersonal answers like “good” or “well” or “perfect” but in truth, their sex life might not be what they envisioned it to be or what they want it to be.

There are several reasons why your sex life can be plummet. From aging to a busy lifestyle, to child rearing to a lot of things, our sex life is affected deeply by other parts of our lives.

Sex is a marriage of two bodies. A communion that involves the active roles of two bodies. Two people having sex should be able to understand the sexual needs of each other. Many couples fail to understand these needs and also are insensitive to the changes to their sexual partner’s sexual life.


To find out the reason for your boring sex life, the best bet is discussing sex with your partner. Many couples tend to shy away from the topics involving sex. They feel all the communication should be done only on the bed, which is a fallacious ideology.

Sexual communication should be done before, during and after sex. You should relay your thoughts, his/her flaws without judgement or criticism, and your expectations. Find the right time and place to talk to your partner about hormonal changes and other physical changes, fantasies, and styles you will like to try. Never fake orgasm, let your partner know how truly you do or don’t enjoy your sexual intercourse.

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How is your Sex Life?


To spice your sexual life, here are some tips that will aid you to enjoy sex with your partner.

1. Educate yourself and your partner
Try to learn new and different things about sex and share these with your partner. From new styles, to new techniques to foreplay, dig up exciting things that can boost your sexual life. Show him that style that you read off the internet, show her that foreplay that you and your friends talked about over drinks.

2. Give it time

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself and your partner time after you are done communicating your feelings to each other, to adjust to the needs you both have spoke about out. Do not give up if these needs are not met all at once. Keep trying.

3. Use Lubrication

A little lubrication of the penis or vagina once in a while, can make sex a pleasurable experience.

4. Foreplay

Kiss, touch, smooch, always try to infuse foreplay into your sex. Cuddling your partner, and other foreplay can make you reach orgasm faster and make it more fulfilling. Before sex, try smooching your partner, touching her/him in those sensitive places, giving him that tight hug.

5. Try Different styles

The same style everyday can turn sex into a bore, only missionary style everyday, will turn the fun activity to a bland one. Try new and different styles like Chain mom and dad, Lotus, Reverse cowgirl e.t.c. You can also invent new styles to make your sex exciting.

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6. Find her G – spot

The Grafenberg spot is very hard to find or stimulate, but when stimulated especially with oral stimulation of the clitoris, your female partner will reach a orgasm filled with so much ecstasy.

7. Try to be Creative

Infuse new ideas into your sex life. Spice it up and make it exciting. Be creative with your sex life.

8. Be Adventurous

Don’t be shy to try that dangerous style, or that new foreplay. Be audacious. Act on your fantasies, live your sexual dreams.

9. Be playful

Sex is not war or a business deal, so don’t be uptight. Play with your partner, help him or her relax and the sex will be more fulfilling. Playing with your partner relieve stress off the day.

10. Be Sensual

Always try to induce erotic feelings in your partner. Create sexual scenarios by touching your partner’s sensitive spots. Make sex pleasurable and exciting.

11. Connect with your partner

Sex goes beyond physical interaction. Your mind and heart can be attuned to each other. Arouse your partner mentally before the bedroom. Let him/her know how much you crave his or her body and act on the mental fantasies.

Sex is a beautiful and sexual activity. It connects two souls on a deep level. Try as much as possible to infuse excitement into sexual life. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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