10 things Couple fight about the most

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“I grew up to meet fights between couples and every other relationship, though it wasn’t a good thing to grow up to, it was the right way to grow up.”

— Anonymous

Relationships are filled with ups and downs, the best kind of relationships are those who have passed through difficult times without breaking. The downs are mostly dominated by fights. Couples fight about different things, from petty things like “what part to press the toothpaste ” to major things like sex. Fights may to the couple’s advantage because they help them understand each other better.

There are a lot of things couples seem to fight about like money issues, sex life etc. There is an endless list of things couple banter about. Some of the fights can be fierce, others mild. Here are ten things that couples fight about the most.

  1. Toothpaste

Probably the silliest on the list, couples fight a lot about toothpaste. Ayo likes to press the tail of the toothpaste tube and push till it lays on his toothbrush while his girlfriend Funke prefers the press the tube at the neck. She feels her boyfriend wastes toothpaste the way he uses it and this breeds argument between them. Issues like this deal with compromise. You and your lover should decide which part of the toothpaste tube should be pressed.

  1. Chores

Though a seemingly minor issue, chores cause a lot of arguments between couples. “Why didn’t do the dishes? “, “why do you have to mark your territory on the toilet seat?”, “Why did you mix my pink panties with my white shirt?”. These questions amongst others are sources of daily arguments among couples. Some even escalate from this minor issue to something more serious. You and your partner can sit down together and assign chores to avoid these fights and both of you should adhere strictly to it.

  1. Phones

“Can’t you do without your phone for one second?” a partner asks his lover. These days of the technological era, people are addicted to their phones. This causes a rift in a relationship because a partner might feel his/her lover spend more time on their mobile devices than with them. Some of these addicts can’t carry out a conversation without pressing their phones. No matter what is happening on your phone, shouldn’t be more important than your partner, put your phone aside whenever your partner needs your attention, it may save your relationship.

  1. You don’t listen

Some times, our partners may complain that we don’t listen to them when they talk. Many attribute this fault to men (especially when a man comes back from work, tired and his woman tries to tell him about her day, the possibility is that he is not listening), but women are also guilty of this too. Both partners should learn to communicate effectively with each other and know when and how to communicate with each other.

  1. Quality time

Some people do not spend quality time with their partner. They either busy at work, at an occasion, or anywhere else except at their lover’s side. Some times, it is not their fault, other times it is. Time is precious and when you let your partner feel your absence more than your presence, it won’t only cause quarrels between the two of you, it will create a big hole in your lover’s heart than another man or woman will fill. Learn to create time for your loved one, no matter how busy you are.

  1. You love your friends more than me

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This is also a source of problem between couples. Especially when one half of the couple has a best friend from the opposite sex. The other half may feel his or her loved one spends too much time with the best friend. It’s a beautiful thing to have a best friend and friends in general because sometimes couples break up,  friends still remain the same but always put your lover above everyone else because you might end up settling down with her/him and s/he needs a large amount of your attention.

  1. It’s your fault, my day is bad

Some people like to shift their anger, frustrations, angst, and other negative emotions associated with the day to their partners. It’s a very bad habit and it should be stopped, if anything, your partner can make your bad day good if you let him or her.


  1. Sex

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Many couples fight about sex. Some fight because they feel their partner don’t last long in bed, others fight because of the boring style, others fight for one reason or the other. The problems with couples are that they don’t talk about their sex life. They feel sex starts and ends in the bedroom which is wrong. Talk About Sex.

  1. Finance

Money is one of the leading cause of breakups and divorce in the world asides cheating. Spending extravagantly or spending frugally is a key issue in relationships. Couples argue on money spent on things, money shortage etc. The way of resolving this issue is to sit down with your partner and discuss the issue of money.

  1. “Do you still love your Ex?”

This question comes as a result of frequent fights about still remaining connected to your Ex. Hanging out with him or her, calling, chatting, texting amongst others, is bound to raise suspicions. Let your ex be, s/he is your ex for a reason.

The couples fight about different things, the key as always is fighting the problem not each other also known as fighting the right way.

This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs





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