How to be a better Boyfriend

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When I look at you I see a lot of things; best friend, my boyfriend, my secret holder, my tear stopper, my future.

Some times getting our dream partners is not the challenge but keeping them is. An ideal boyfriend keeps the fire of love burning long after the euphoria of the joys of a new relationship wears off. The best of boyfriends make sure he takes care of both his girlfriend and himself properly. Men have to learn to be better boyfriends and partners for a wonderful love life. Here are tips on becoming a better boyfriend.

1. Show your Love

It is very sweet and romantic to say the words “I love you ” to her but like they say “actions speak louder than words”. Show her that you love her. Be affectionate, be caring, praise her (not too much) in front of your friends and family. Show her time after time, that she means the world to you.

2. Love yourself

You can’t give what you don’t have, so to give love, you have to feel love. Love yourself, love who you are. Improve on strengths, work on your weaknesses, accept who you are and strive to be the better version of yourself. When you love yourself you won’t depend on your girlfriend to make you feel loved, this will help you to accept and accept the same amount of affection and care and attention you from your partner. Self love breeds the love strong enough for others.

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3. Be there for her

Always strive to be there for your babe, not only physically but also emotionally, intellectually, morally and in all ramifications. Be there to cuddle her, to play with her, to advise her, to help her through trying times. Women love men who are strong enough to help them weather the storm. Always be there for her.

4. Know who she is

Study her, learn her hobbies, dislikes, and flaws. Understand her, be with her. Know what makes her tick. Read both the verbal communication and nonverbal communication. Try to know her more than anyone and everyone else. It is important to always study your girlfriend.

5. Open up to her

The way you know her, let her also know you. Let know what makes you you. Open yourself to her, slowly, purposefully, let her know how much she means to you and let her know the effort that you put to open up to her.

6. Be interested in her family and friends

One of the easiest ways to win the heart of your girlfriend and hold onto it, is when you have allies amongst her friends and family. Her friends and family will help you with her when you guys have an heated argument, they help you understand who your girlfriend is. But don’t allow them meddle into your affairs or do not bring them too close for it will cause more harm than good.

7. Present her to your family and friends

This gesture will prove to her that you are serious about her. She will understand you better and your love will wax stronger. Like her family and friends though, don’t let them come too close.

8. Let the relationship be important to you

Value your relationship with her. Always look for ways for the relationship to grow, to be better. Show through actions and words how much the relationship mean to you and you will have won the heart of your girlfriend for a long time.

9. Respect your Partnership

Since you are now in a relationship and you and your girlfriend are now a couple, then you must act like you both constitute a couple. Take important decisions together. Do things as one, with one mind. You both should be so into each other that if your girlfriend is asked about something concerning you, whatever she says, is what you would have said if you were asked directly.

10. Don’t cheat on her

There is no need to hammer on this. Do not cheat on her simple. Not only physically also emotionally, do not connect with someone else emotionally and leave your girlfriend. Do not cheat on her.

11. Always Respect her

Always shower your girlfriend with respect. Do not insult her whether privately or publicly. Do not abuse her emotionally or physically. Respect her decisions, wishes and opinions even the ones you do not like. Be supportive and always respect her.

12. Help her grow

One of the duties of a boyfriend is to impact positively in the life of his girlfriend and one of the ways you can do this, is by helping her grow. Give her opportunities to grow. Help her source for opportunities to exercise her talents and abilities. Talk to her about things that can help her grow in all ramifications and always challenge her. Encourage her and make sure she is a better person than before she met you and most importantly, have faith in her.

13. Don’t be controlling

She is not your maid or servant or your inferior, do not control her. If you want her to do something she is reluctant to do, gently persuade her. Never dictate to her.

14. Be Romantic

Romance spices up a relationship and leaves your girlfriend feeling special, loved and adored. Be romantic, plan romantic evenings, be sweet and caring and spontaneous. Take care of her, shower with TLC, make her always feel loved and always be passionate in handling her.

15. Be contented

There are bound to be women, better than your woman. They seem more preferable choice to your woman but be contented. Be satisfied with her, remove your focus from other women, shower your girlfriend with all your attention and let her be the only woman asides the women in your family and close friends that matter to you.

16. Be humble

Pride leads to the downfall of a man and also the downfall of any relationship. Remove pride from your relationship and your life, let humility rule your life.

17. Be patient

To deal with women, you need patience. We all are created to be different, with women, you need to be patient in handling any thing with and involving them. Control your emotions, don’t let them rule your actions, always strive to be objective with them and try to persevere.

18. Always protect her

Protect your woman. Protect her emotionally, psychologically, physically, mentally and in all ramifications. Let her feel safe with you. She must always know that no matter what, you are there for her.

19. Trust her

Without trust, no relationship can stand. Learn to trust her. Build a tower of trust with her that you both can stand at the top and see the world. Love her through the motions and trust her.

20. Love her when she is mad at you

Sometimes when your girlfriend is mad at you, she utters things like “I hate you “, though her mouth scream those words, her heart shouts another. Show how much you love her when she is mad at you. When she acts like she hates you, act like she is the most beautiful woman on earth. Show her love.

21. Don’t be insecure

No matter where you are and where she is, whether you are together or not, do not be insecure. Don’t start calling her incessantly because you are afraid. If you are insecure around her, she will feel like you don’t trust her and it will lead to the end of the relationship.

22. Don’t be clingy

For whatever reason, don’t be clingy. Give her enough space not too much though, so she can have enough room to breathe, to become who she wants to be. This space will also serve you well, it will help you grow, and give room to enjoy each other company more.

23. Set and achieve relationship goals

Goals are important in every aspect of our lives, they give us a sense of direction. Set relationship goals and achieve them. You can decide to achieve a feat as a couple, co write a book or a song, work on a project or achieve something together. This will strengthen your bond and bring your hearts closer.

24. Be kind to everyone

Practice kindness and humility to everyone. This will show your lover the type person you are.

25. Be Ready to marry her

If you are in a serious relationship with her, be ready to marry her, be ready to take her to the altar and make her yours for life. Do not play with her feelings, plan to marry her then disappoint, be ever willing to marry her.

Relationship takes a lot of work to build and nurture. As a boyfriend, be ready to lead your girlfriend and make her happy most times, if she is special to you, show her she is. This has been Relationship Corner With Eddie Schwaggs

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