The Ten Qualities of a Successful Relationship


“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness”
— Charles Dickens

Love is the basis of every successful relationship. It is the foundation by which marriage should be built, it is the emotion that bring two souls together but love alone is not enough to make a relationship or marriage successful.The Ten Qualities of a Successful Relationship

There are other qualities of a successful relationship, these ingredients makes a relationship a very tasty soup. There are very important to the growth and sustenance of any pure relationship that’s built on love. They are the things that will hold a relationship when it’s passing through a storm and the things that will make a relationship sweeter during good times. Let’s see what these qualities are.couple portraits 20190714 0001

1. Trust

Contrary to popular belief, you can be in love with someone and not trust the person. Trust is a vital part of every beautiful relationship. It’s not a quality to be given, it’s to be earned, to be built. For a relationship to be successful, there must be trust. Trust is having faith in your partner and believing that no matter where he or she is, he or she has your best interest at heart. Trust is believing that your partner can’t do anything to hurt you intentionally. Trust is one of the building blocks of any relationship.

2. Communication

Another important building block is communication. Communication is a very important factor in any relationship. The way you and your partner communicate, will determine the health and duration of your relationship. Effective communication breeds a better relationship. No matter the problem, no matter the circumstance, trust communication to take the relationship through it all and bring it out in one piece. Communication is key to a beautiful relationship.

3. Honesty

Honesty is everything in a relationship. Staying true to your partner and telling the truth is very essential to the health of your relationship. The truth always set you free, and telling your partner the truth saves you from troubles, sorrows, storms and pain later on in the relationship. Always try to be honest to your partner and let he or she be honest with you.

4. Loyalty

Always be loyal to your partner. Both in your partner’s presence or in your partner’s absence, always try to be loyal to your partner. Do not cheat on him or her, defend his or her rights, be with your partner when he or she is going through dark times and celebrate the good times. Always and always be loyal to your partner.

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Respect is essential for any relationship. If you don’t respect your partner then your love is flawed. Respect is the reason why you won’t abuse your partner, the respect you have for your partner makes you respect his or her wishes and actions and desires even though you don’t like it. Respect beautifies love.

6. Tolerance

Tolerance is also one of the testaments that govern a good relationship. We are all different, we have different views on life, we have different opinions, interpretations and dreams. Two people in love are bound to be similar in some things and a lot different in others, tolerance helps a lover respect strengths and accommodate the weaknesses of his or her lover. Tolerance makes a relationship easier and reduce fights and quarrels.

7. Independence

Though we all love to spend every waking minute with our significant other but a little bit of independence is needed for a relationship. So we won’t smoulder our partner, it is very necessary to give each other breathing space every now and then. We should be able to chase our dreams, catch up with friends, have alone time to meditate, to think, we all need a free time. Though we shouldn’t neglect our partner, we should always allow them to have time to breathe.

8. Safety

Remember those times when you were little, when you ran from something or someone then you reach home and all of sudden you feel safe, that is how a relationship should feel like, safe. Each of you should be protect one another. Defend your honor, protect each other from anyone friends and foes alike, guide each other. In any relationship, a feeling of safety is very important.

9. Compromise and Sacrifice

Though they are two different things, they are birds of a feather. A love filled relationship entails compromises at the right time, at the places and to a degree, sacrifices. A relationship without sacrifices and compromises can’t stand when storms rages. For a relationship to be what is worth, there have to be sacrifices and compromises.

10. Happiness

No person is worth it if you are not happy with the person. Happiness is that feeling of giddiness when you see that person, it gives you goosebumps when you heard the person’s voice. Happiness makes you feel crazy and hopeless in love with that person. Happiness makes a relationship heaven.

There are things that are needed for a successful relationship but these ten build the foundation. Without these 10 factors, your relationship will just be getting by, it will not by any chance, successful or happy. Employ these qualities effectively and efficiently and your relationship will bloosom like a morning flower. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs.

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