Ways of being a better girlfriend

“They asked him “How’s your life?” He smiled and answered “She is fine.”
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Love is beautiful, it is sweetest when you are in love with the right person. But to experience love in its purest form, you also need be the right person for your partner, to be the best girlfriend to your man. Every relationship is peculiar, but there are things you can do to make your man love you more than life itself. Asides from being who you are, you have to be the right one for him, the one who keeps him enwrapped in her world, the one who makes him whole. These are things that you can do to be a better girlfriend.

1. Love him

Though it has been said that women are more emotional than men, but that is not to say that men don’t feel too, don’t need love. Show him through actions, words and expressions that he means the world to you. You can tell him things like “I love the sound of your laughter” or “I love the way you walk”, prove your love.

2. Make him feel special

Girls can be romantic too, spend time with him, take him out to watch his favorite sport. Spank his head playfully, tease him with words like “big head” or “naughty boy”. Give him your all, not a fraction. Boost his ego, tell him he is powerful. Do away with your phone, give him your maximum cooperation when he is with you. Take care of his needs, feed him till he is addicted to your cooking, encourage him and most importantly always be there for him.

Ways of being a better girlfriend

3. Love yourself

It’s very important to love yourself. To love someone else completely and in order not to rely on others to feel loved, love yourself. Be conscious of your strengths and be proud of them (not arrogant though), be conscious of your flaws, don’t dwell on them, instead work on them. Love yourself, take care of your health, your body. Always aspire to improve on yourself, know your triggers and calm points. Achieve your aims, goals and objectives, pursue those dreams, engage in your hobbies. Fall in love with yourself every day.

4. Know your man

Study your man, know his strengths and weaknesses, know his flaws and imperfections. Know him more than anybody else. He should be able to trust you to know what he likes and dislikes, know him better than his friends and family. Know what makes him upset and avoid it. Also help him control these things if they are out of control. If you know he is clean freak, do not litter his house, or if you know he hates to eat something, don’t cook it for him. You two should make one soul.

5. Let him know you

It’s not enough that you know him like the back of your hand, also give him room to know and understand you. When he upsets you, do not give him the silent treatment for so long, tell him what he did wrong and he loves you, he will try to make it right. Don’t be hard to understand, to read, open your self to him, let him know you like the back of his hand too.

6. Always be honest

Tell him the truth about that party you went to, tell him the exact amount you bought the food stuffs, be truthful to him. Always convey your feelings in such a way that he understands exactly what you want him to understand. Be truthful to him about guy who keeps bugging you. Always tell him the truth.

7. Don’t be clingy

Sister, you don’t need to follow him to the toilet, you don’t need to know where he is every second, just trust that he won’t be toasting the toilet seat or doing anything bad. When you are clingy, he will feel caged or feel you are insecure, either of which will destroy your relationship in a long run. Let him have his guy time. Never be clingy.

8. Don’t be a demanding Nag

Though men nag too, nagging is very common amongst women. Hammering on a particular issue, throwing a tantrum, this destabilize men than any other thing. Most men prefer you used an actual hammer to hit them on the head than listening to a woman nag. Don’t nag no matter the problem. Instead sit your boyfriend than and sort the issue out as matured adults. Also desist from being demanding — wanting something and wanting it immediately, don’t be demanding. Every man crave peace of mind especially in the presence of the woman he loves, always remember that.

9. Respect

Respect is not given, it’s earned. Earned his respect and respect him. Respect his wishes, desires and beliefs even though you don’t agree with every one of them. Don’t abuse him verbally or emotionally. Be self confident, be strong, know what you want and go and get it, all these traits will earn his respect.

10. Control your tongue

A woman’s tongue can make or mar a man. Control what comes out of your mouth. Don’t rain abuses on him, don’t deflate his ego. Use your mouth to bless him not curse him. A friend once said “If your girlfriend tells her boyfriend that he can achieve something, no body else in the world can convince him otherwise”. This statement shows how powerful the word of a girlfriend is important in the life of her man.

11. Be Loyal to him

Be loyal to him both in his presence and absence. Defend and protect from friends and foes alike. Don’t cheat on him whether emotionally or physically. Be with him true and true. Take care of him and help me grow.

12. Help him grow

Help him be the best version of himself. Inspire him to be better, through encouragement, through loving corrections, through enlightening him of opportunities of helping himself and growing. Be supportive of dreams and aspirations, believe in them and help him achieve them. Show true love and through love that he can be the man, he was destined to be.

13. Be empathetic

Always show him empathy. Don’t destructively criticize him. Instead always try to put your self in his shoes.

14. Don’t be snoopy

You are not James Bond, or a CIA agent, don’t snoop around. Respect his privacy and trust him to tell you things about him. Don’t go through his phone without his permission, don’t stalk him except romantically.

15. Don’t be controlling

Don’t try to control him. Let him be the man of the relationship. Relationship is a partnership between two souls, don’t try to be at the hem of affairs. Though they say that a man is the head of the relationship/marriage, the woman is the neck, and without the neck the head can not function. So instead of controlling your boyfriend, be loving persuasive.

16. Communicate effectively with him

Communicate well with him. Listen without interrupting, read verbal and non verbal language, convey your emotions and thoughts and ideas clearly. Talk to him about both important and light matters. Communicate with your boyfriend.

17. Appreciate everything he does for you

Every thing he does for you, value it and thank him for it. Pray for him, show gratitude for what he has done for you.

18. Befriend his family and friends

Be friends with his friends and family. They will help you understand him better and assist to end a big fight between you two, but do not allow them meddle in your relationship. Also do not compete with them for his attention. Trust him to give you all of him, don’t be the woman that asks her man to choose between her and his family or friends, be the woman that encourages her man to spend some time with his family and friends.

19. He deserves a hug

Sometimes he may feel overwhelmed by a lot of things, he might not always tell you all that bothers him, he might be overwhelmed with work, with family issues and a lot of things. Just give him a hug. Men are also human beings too, they feel, they get hurt, sometimes he might be able handle everything at the same time, a hug shows you care, it tells him that everything will be alright and it gives him the strength to face the challenge. Just give him a hug.

20. Surprise him

Learn to surprise him, if he loves surprises, indulge him. Don’t emulate the ladies that feel that the guy should be the only one that can take her out or surprise her or get a gift. Do all these for your man. Buy him those beautiful shoes, take him to a fancy restaurant, buy him a book from his favorite author. Surprise him every now and then, not too much though, but enough to make him feel loved.

21. Share in what he loves

Pay attention to what he loves, and share in it. If he loves football, watch with him, support another football team, it makes your relationship fun. Also share in his passions and dreams, support them, believe in them and you will win his heart. Share in his love.

22. Be Kind

Be kind hearted and humble. Treat him with kindness, treat him like a king and at the same time a baby. Take care of him.

23. Remember it’s a partnership

Relationship is a partnership between two people who are in love. Treat your relationship as such. Make important decisions together. Work on sacrifices and compromises together, don’t do things alone. Be submissive to the relationship, always a relationship is made up of two people, so don’t be too independent and ruin your relationship, let him be part of important steps you want to take in any aspect of your life. Also don’t compete with him.

24. Help the relationship grow

Find ways of improving the relationship, read articles such as this one, read books on relationships and marriage, research on temperaments and zodiac signs and it affects your relationship. Spice things up once in awhile, always look for ways to make your real grow and last.

25. Be a wife material

Be the woman he can marry. Being a wife doesn’t mean a woman that can cook, clean the house, wash clothes, a wife is a woman who can impact her man positively, a woman who can help her man be the best version of himself.

A success relationship takes alot of work, as a girlfriend you have to the responsibility to make your relationship successful. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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