12 Signs of unhealthy Relationship

12 Signs of unhealthy Relationship

“Peace of mind, is not being loyal. It is choosing to hurt yourself mentally, emotionally and sometimes, physically.”
— Kemi Sogunle

Your relationship is supposed to make you glow, help you grow, keep you happy and help you through the stress of life, but when reverse is the case then the relationship becomes unhealthy. Unhealthy relationships are toxic relationships where you or your partner cause each other pain not love, it’s a relationship that entails one or both partners feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled and it involves a lot of negativity and sadness dwelling in the relationship. Unhealthy relationships ruin many lives, snuffing the life out of them. Two people make a romantic relationship and when one or both of them is a toxic person, draining the other emotionally and physically then it’s best the relationship ends. Many people don’t know there are in a toxic relationship, they seem to be unhappy and miserable all the time and don’t seem know why, here are signs you are in an unhealthy relationship.

12 Signs of unhealthy Relationship

1. You are losing yourself

When you are in a relationship and you don’t seem to grow, then it’s an unhealthy relationship. The worse thing is, asides stunted growth, you don’t understand who you are again. There is so much negativity, anger, sadness, pain, loneliness and emotionally rollercoasters in your life. You don’t feel loved, you feel deserted. For instance, you are in your worst shape and you don’t seem to notice.

2. Isolation

Either intentionally or unintentionally, your partner cut you off from family and friends, then you are in a toxic relationship. When there is no one other than your partner who makes you feel miserable,to associate with then your relationship is unhealthy because you won’t be able to relate with family and friends who may advise you. This isolation make come as a result of lack of trust, your partner is in you. The isolation might come as your partner always picking up a fight when you are supposed to hangout

3. Emotional unavailability

When you or your partner can’t seem to communicate with each other, rely on each other for emotional support. When work is frustrating and you can’t talk to your partner about it, there is a hole in the relationship, when loving words, romance, romantic innuendos are no longer relevant then there is a huge problem. When you are in such a place, the relationship is heading to the rocks

4. Belitting

This is a big bad red flag, it shows that your partner has no respect or what so ever for you. Once your partner starts to calling you stupid, telling you he or she is the pride of your life, feels you are too dumb to anything useful, doesn’t support your goals, makes fun of your achievement or feels like all you have accomplished is next to nothing compared to him or her all in all your partner is a jerk, then you are not dating, you are competing.

5. Guilt tripping

When your partner pours out on the blame on you then you are dating s toxic person. He blames you for losing his job, she blames you for her bad hair day, he blames you for everything that is wrong in his life, she blames you for having a bad life. Note if you don’t accept responsibility for your actions instead you blame others for your misfortunes and issues, you are the toxic person.

6. No support

If your partner doesn’t support your dreams, invest in you or himself or herself, doesn’t value you, don’t help you with your problems, don’t encourage you to follow your dreams, then you are in a toxic relationship.

7. No relationship security

Once breakup or almost breaking up becomes an habit then there is an issue in the relationship. Once you or your partner wants to or threaten to end the relationship due to the slightest issue then there is a problem.

8. Manipulation

When you are dating someone who is manipulative, always wanting to have his or her way, then you are dating a toxic person. They are usually control freaks, always right and always making you feel inferior because nothing you do is right or important.

9. Comparison

If your partner keeps comparing you to someone hotter, smarter, and richer then you are in a toxic relationship. You are never strong enough, smart enough, good enough to your partner.

10. Relationship violence

When your partner abuse you physically or emotionally or both then you need to run away from that relationship. This is a huge red flag, it shows lack of respect, lack of love, lack of affection, it shows your partner feels you are inferior to him or her.

11. Cheating

Once your partner cheats on you without remorse then you are dating someone who wants you to wreck you emotionally.

12. Third party

When your partner keeps telling people others about your relationship issues, then it’s a big issue you both need to deal with it.

These and many more are huge red flags that shows a relationship is unhealthy. When you see these signs in your relationship, you can either leave the relationship or talk to your partner and find ways to make the relationship better. Toxic relationships destroy out happiness and siphon the joy in our lives, avoid unhealthy relationships. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs.

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