Getting your girlfriend to forgive you

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“My life stops the second you are not happy with me, please forgive me” — Eddie Levi

Appealing to your girlfriend and she forgiving you, might seem impossible to achieve especially when what you did to hurt her, was really bad. You have to prove to her that you are truly sorry and you will not commit that mistake again. You will have to win her heart in ways that your relationship with her will wax stronger after the mistake. There are ways that you can convince her to forgive you, to rekindle the fire of love in her heart.

1. Tell her you are truly sorry

You upset her, tell her you are sorry about what you did. Say things like “I know what I did was wrong, I am sorry from the depths of my heart”. Let her feel her sincere your apology is. Let her see that it comes from your heart, that is not rehearsed, not staged, not cooked. Make eye contact with her, don’t crack stupid jokes, tell her how you really feel about the mistake.

2. Be responsible for your actions

Don’t blame it any body else, if you cheated, tell her you did, don’t blame the other girl, if you insulted her parents at a gathering, accept responsibility, don’t blame it on alcohol. Apologizing to her sincerely, is not enough, you have to accept that you made a mistake or you did something wrong unless your whole apology is useless.

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3. Tell the truth

If there is any reason to explain what happened, tell the whole truth about it. Don’t hold back on any information because if you do and she finds out she will not forgive you and she will feel that you are an insincere person thereby ruining your relationship. Tell her the truth about the whole thing.

4. Promise her

You know you won’t do it again, let her know that too. Promise her that you won’t hurt her that way again, that you won’t commit that mistake again. The most important thing though is to keep that promise, avoid scenarios and avenues and the likes that will allow you make that mistake again.

5. Give her time

Even though you bought the moon for her, give her time to heal and forgive you. Don’t disappear, be there for her but at the same time, don’t expect her to forgive you at once. The time it takes her to let the pain go, depends on her personality and what you did. All in all, give her enough time to heal.

6. Be a better man

Listen to her, communicate better with her, pamper her, be there for her, all in all, be a better man that you were before. Treat her like a queen, gradually take her mind off the mistake that you made. Create new hobbies that two of you can engage in. Be a reliable and dependable guy that you can always count on to lead her and advise her. Show her she means the world to you and that she is the reason you are happy.

7. Limit it

Don’t over do everything you do to show her you are sorry. Don’t buy too much chocolate every day, don’t send flowers every second to her house or office. Don’t crowd her personal space with apology. Let her know you are sorry but don’t overdo it so she won’t feel you are overdoing it.

8. Love her

Love her through the motions, take care of her. Do romantic things to, with and for her. Rekindle the fire of love in her and let that fire spread into the the relationship and burn beautifully. In addition to caring for her, care for the relationship, help the relationship grow. Praise her talents and abilities and skills while you help her work on her flaws. Show her you love her with your heart.

After all these, try not to do what you do again unless it ruins your credibility. Use the points and win her back. Don’t forget the Rose and chocolate or as most Nigerian girls, sharwama and pizza, the Bible says “the gift of a man maketh way for him”, never forget that. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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