How to win her heart without blowing it

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“I love dancing in the garden of magnificence that lay in your heart, my love”
Eddie Schwaggs

Some times, we find it difficult to talk to a girl we like. When we come face to face with her, she suddenly becomes a Greek goddess and the brain takes flight. As opposed to talking to their female friends we talked to more freely, when talking to that special girl we always want to look our best or appear manly and we are afraid to get rejected or snobbed, this makes things difficult and create an air of tension for us. To overcome these fears, and talk to the one that makes our hearts swell in love and win her heart, here are some tips to help you ease the tension.

1. She is just a girl

Even though she looks like an Arabian princess or Greek goddess, just remember that she is a girl and not a supernatural human being. She might be amazing but she is a girl, with that in mind you can calm down and walk to her and strike a conversation. Muster up all the confidence you can and walk to her with an air of confidence, girls always find confidence sexy, so you will gain points before you say a word.

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2. Strike a conversation

When you walk up to her, strike a conversation. You can start with things peculiar to the environment that you both are in. For instance, “Enjoying the party? ” or “is the game interesting or what?”. What you say doesn’t matter, what does is that you are speaking to her and she will get the hint that you like her and if she likes you back, the conversation will flow freely, and when silence wants to appear, fill it up so that things don’t get awkward. You can say things like “Nice shoes, where did you get it? ”

3. Compliment her

In course of your conversation, pay her a thoughtful compliment, like “your dress is beautiful” or “I love your hair” . Make sure the compliment is from your heart and say it at the right time. Also at later times and at various types, compliment her, tell her how beautiful she looks and amazing she is. Make her feel like a queen both in words and actions.

4. Don’t appear desperate

Calm down, don’t rush things. Don’t declare your undying love for her even after a few hangouts, wait for the right moment to share your emotions. Flirt with her so she will get hints that you like her, but don’t tell her you want to marry her at the first instance.

5. Don’t be too needy/nice

Women are attracted to guys they rarely see and don’t choke them with calls or texts or who see them at every chance they get. Don’t be the type that call incessantly, give her time to miss you and also to think of you. Let her know that every time you both spend together, you had to because you like her even though you are busy not because you are not busy. If she notices that you have an exciting life even before you met her, she will be more endear to you.

6. Go to a group activity with her

If you are nervous to ask her or you want to find what place will be nice for a first date with her, invite her to a group thing that you and your friends are doing, like going to the cinema or a party, anywhere you both can be a little free without the tension of being by yourselves. This will make it easier for you both when you go on a date and you find a little about her.

7. Befriend her friends

Be friends with her friends, this will make things easier for you after all they are the ones that she will turn to advice and if they like you, they will put in good words for you and you will win her heart easily.

8. Let a connection flow

Talk to her a lot, come up with inside jokes, make eye contact with with when talking to her, learn about things that makes her, her. Play with her, tease her mercilessly, play video games with her. All in all, let your connection build.

9. Support her

Show that you care at every opportunity you get. Support her in her sad days, encourage her and make her feel special and loved and celebrate with her when she is happy.

10. Ask her out

Take her out, ask her out on a date. Take her to somewhere nice and ask her to be your girlfriend. If she says no, don’t be upset, have it at the back of your mind, that you try your best but if she says yes, celebrate it, bath her in kisses and adorn her with smooches. Let her know how much she means to you.

Don’t leave anything to speculation, that girl you think don’t like you might be crushing on you big time and if you don’t try the answer will be No. So walk to the one you love and win her heart, this has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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