Signs that you dating a control freak

Dating a control freak can be demoralizing, they will want to be lord over every part of your life. Relationship is a kind of partnership where both parties have equal rights and respect.

Signs that you dating a control freak

But if you are in a relationship with a toxic person or a control freak , they would want to dominate the relationship. Some people don’t know they are dating a control freak, they feel that love conquers all and their partner is just being who they are.

Wanting to be in control have it’s roots in anxiety. People who are control freaks just need realize that fact, amend their ways and salvage their relationship. Here are tips that you are dating a control freak.

1. He or she is always right

If you are dating someone who is never wrong, it’s a huge red flag. No one is perfect, no one is an island of knowledge. When your partner start sayings words like “I am always right ” or “I am never wrong then s/he is a control freak.

2. You are worthless to your partner

Once your partner finds pleasure in hurting you to feed his ego then he is a control freak. You are never good enough for him, he will never appreciate or find anything good in whatever you do. For instance, if you won a car from a game show instead to rejoice with you, he boasts that he has achieved great things or she always want to know where you are every second. They want you to make decisions, your partner wants you to depend on him or her.


3. S/he hate your friends and family.

He or she hates you hanging out with your friends and family because s/he wants to be with you at all times. Some control freaks to the extent of harassing their partner’s friends. This is an indicator that you are dating a control freak.

Signs that you dating a control freak


4. Snooping

Though some couples give themselves room to go through each other’s phone, it becomes breach of privacy when your partner makes it an habit of going through your phone and there after ask stupid questions about what he or she read on your phone. This shows that you are dating a control freak. The reason for their misdemeanor, is that he or she is jealous of everyone around you, because he or she is afraid you will be taken away from him or her.

5. He or she has high expectations

He or want you to go the extra mile to please him or her but he or she can’t do the same. He or she want you to be the person he or she wants, not the person you are. He wants you to wear that fancy dress that you bought for her even though you don’t like it or going to farthest place to get what she needs

Relationships is gathering of two souls who help each other to go. Control freaks have anxiety problems, if you can be able to help your partner then he or she won’t be control freak, you can also talk to his/her friends and family about the character and they might be able to help. If you have tried all of these and he or she still adamant about change then walk away. Your sanity is more than important. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs.

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