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“Love will come, it just takes the right person.” — Carissa Kohne

There are many bad guys as well as good guys out there but out all of these guys, there is one guy, the Right guy meant for you. A guy might come as a good guy with chiseled abs, a killer smile, and loads of cash but he might not be right for you because he doesn’t posses some qualities that you want, that you need to make you happy. So if you date him, after all the glitz and glam fades, you are left with just being comfortable but not happy in the relationship. You can also meet a good guy, he won’t have any apparent flaws, he is dreamy, he is nice, he is very friendly and he loves you but is he the right guy for you? Does he make you feel happy? Does he appreciate you?
Are you his pride and joy? If he is the right guy, the answer to these questions will be yes, because the right guy loves the real you.

The right guy is a combination of a good guy, a nice guy and a hint of a bad boy and most importantly he meant for you and you alone, for only him understands your type of crazy. You might be wondering the signs to tell you that the guy you are seeing currently, here are tips to show you the light

1. He understands you

If he is the right guy for you, he gets your kind of crazy. He understands who you are and always tries to get to know you better. He also knows the little things, like that you love your chocolate drink thick and hot, or that you keep a stach of snacks in your office drawers, or you combine three different perfumes to get your fragrance or that you dance in your underwear once in a while when you are alone. He should know so much about you and learn about you the more.

coupleongoals 20190808 0002

2. He is emotional available

He supports you emotionally. He is there with you when you are a cry baby, when you need to fix a problem, when you need someone to talk to, someone to confide in. He is perfectly capable of handling his emotions most of the time and he also try with all his might to make you happy and stress free most of the time.

3. He doesn’t hurt you intentionally

Your right guy loves you so much that hurting you cause him more pain to him. Your right guy doesn’t hurt you intentionally, he won’t deliberately lie to you, he won’t say things that would break your heart, he won’t feed his ego by destroying yours, he won’t hit you. He loves you too much to hurt you.

4. He listens you

Some people are bad listeners, if a guy sits down and listens to you when you want him to, He really likes you from his heart. Even though you are yapping about your female friends, or work troubles or how bad the dress you wore to an event was, or how people commented on your shoes, if he listens to you, he really cares with his heart. He also notice the non verbal signs and languages and find ways to make things better.

5. He introduces you to his friends

This is very important. If he is the right guy for you, he will introduce you to his friends as his number one babe. He will show you off to them, kiss you in front and praise you even though mildly in their midst.

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6. He wants to meet your family and friends

He is comfortable with your friends and family. He wants to meet them, to be with them, joke with them. He tries to befriend your friends and your family. The right guy for you, wants to know all parts of you, accepts every part of your life and accept the ones you care about. He wants you to be happy so he wants to get to know the factors that affect you deeply.

7. He is not dependent

He is capable of making his own decisions without depending on anyone to lead his life. He takes advice but it’s left to him in the end to choose the path he wants to follow. He won’t take decision that won’t ruin your relationship or jeopardize your lives. He makes good decisions that will make both of you happy.

8. He has your best interests at heart

He wants you to apply for that new job, he wants you to try out that new dress that hugs your body like your mother, he wants you to be happy and satisfied always, then he is right for you. He wants the best for you even if you don’t see it at first, like if you want ice-cream even though you have tooth ache, he doesn’t allow you have it because he doesn’t want you to hurt yourself. Even if you say you hate him, he doesn’t leave you.

9. He is fun and exciting

Though he has a serious life and he is a serious man, but he is also the one that makes you hold your ribs and laugh out till you cry, he is the fun one, the spontaneous one, your kind of crazy. In other words, he makes you happy and you have fun with him.

10. He loves you

Finally If he does all these and doesnt love you, it all amount to nothing. If he loves you with his heart and soul and body and shows the love not only say it. He loves every piece of you, every part of you. He shows you his love, through gifts, actions, and his words. He also respects you and treat you like a queen.

Loving a good guy is OK but not not fulfilling when you love the Right guy for you, it makes all the difference because for it show you the difference between being cared for and being loved. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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