What can women bring to the table

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“You’ve changed me forever. And I’ll never forget you.” — Kiera Cass

Love is all about giving, when you love someone you give them all of you. Your lover should be able to make you the best version of yourself as you should be able to do the same for your lover. A man should be able to make his woman feel and look like a goddess and a woman should make her man a real king. A woman should be able to nuture her man to reach his maximum potential, build an empire with him (like Cookie in Empire), trim his excesses (even his dirty beard) and make him happy as well as herself, and in all these, she should not require her man to certify that she is a woman, to help her know her value, to give her value, she shouldn’t rely on her man to make her.

Some women feel the only the thing they can bring to the table, is their body while their men should channel their resources to make them feel like a woman and earn the respect they deserve. Some of them cook, clean, and in addition are great in bed, but when their men need more from them they begin to feel that he is demanding or he nags too much. Others are the queens of religion, they dress in overalls, don’t utter profanities, hate worldly things and to crown it all, they are virgins. They feel their virginity and their outward holiness should keep the man but when there have nothing else to offer, their men go away. Men can see that they can’t offer them anything so some of them “chop and clean mouth”, they dis – virgin the virgins, turn them to their househelps or housewives whose place is to take care of the house and warm their beds while they go elsewhere and look for women who will add value to them or they just cheat on them. These women would then feel men are insatiable, scumbags or can’t be satisfied.

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Some women need to know that they are valuable, they don’t need any man to make them feel important. As a woman, you are more than breasts and vagina, you are more than an house help, you are endowed with a lot of potentials that needs to be explored. Until you see the value in you no man will, and when you know your worth, you don’t need to offer sex or chores to keep your man. Confidence is sexy, just as women love confident men likewise men love confident women. A strong, confident woman that knows her worth, is more sexy and more attractive than a woman with big breasts and vagina.

A woman who knows her worth, has the power to make her relationship beautiful and blissful. Not that they won’t encounter problems in the relationship but she has a major role to steer relationship boat away from rocks. She can offer ideas on her man can build himself because she understands the way things work and she wants her man to grow. In a relationship where both the man and woman can add value to each themselves, the relationship will bloom like a beautiful rose.

Women add value to yourselves by chasing your dreams, setting goals and achieving them, have fun, be naughty yet aim for the stars. As Guinness will always say “There is a drop of greatness in every man” and every woman. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs.

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