How to get your boyfriend to forgive you

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” I can’t guarantee you that I will not hurt you but I guarantee when I do I will go to the ends of the earth just to make you happy again ”

— Eddie Levi

Hurting your boyfriend or fiancé or husband is inevitable, you are bound to do or say things to get him very angry with you. You both are from different backgrounds so there is bound to be conflict. The key to enjoying your relationship is to know how to resolve these conflicts. When you offend your special man, apologize sincerely and accept responsibility for what you did, that is the first step to winning your man back to you.

Sadly, some women feel that it’s the duty of the men to always apologize and that no matter how it looks or what happened, the guy is always at fault. A radio presenter was hosting a show based on relationships and a lady called in, she sought advice from the presenter, her husband was mad at her for something she did and she didn’t know what to do to appease him, the presenter asked her whether she has apologized and she said no and when she was asked to, she refused because she said he will use it as leverage over her so she doesn’t want him to use it against her. Some women are like this woman, they focus on the fight and themselves and forget that in relationship, you add your boyfriend are not fighting against each other or competing but you are working together.

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If you hurt your special man and you don’t how to get him to forgive you, these are tips that can help you.

1. Apologize sincerely

Tell him that you are sorry about what you did from the depths of your heart. When you tendering your apology, let your countenance portray how you feel. Don’t assume a fight stance, don’t shout the words, instead say them to him with love and compassion that shows how sorry you are.

2. Take responsibility

Don’t claim ignorant of the fact you hurt him, don’t expect him to come and apologize for what you did, accept you offended him and walk up to him and apologize. He may be angry and react accordingly but if you don’t apologize, it may be tear your relationship apart.

3. Expect his outbursts

Most men are more likely to voice out that feelings of anger than women, expect his outbursts, do not fight him about his anger, instead be calm and keep apologizing, remember you offended him and you don’t expect him to kiss you and hug you when you punched him in the face. Just calm down and tell him how sorry you are.

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4. Send him a romantic text

When he taking a breather or a break or seems to be headstrong or passive aggressive, just send him a romantic text. Guys have feelings too, let him know that you love him. Express your feelings in words, also don’t be afraid to add a little sexy tidbits to the text to spice things up. If you guys are sexually active, send him naughty and dirty texts after the romantic one. Appease both his heart and his loins.

5. Just smile

A smile can defuse a ticking bomb. Smile can defuse his anger, just smile at him even though he is mad as hell, a smile will make him smile too unwillingly and things will get easier for you and you will take a huge step in reconciliation. Give him your sexiest smile that will undo him.

6. Make dinner for him

As the saying goes ” A way to a man’s heart is his stomach “. Cook his favorite food, serve with his favorite drink. This will reduce the intensity of his anger a great deal after all it’s hard to get angry on an full stomach.

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7. Take him out

You can also take him to favorite place to hang out or buy tickets for him and his friends to go to a place like to stadium or to his favorite musician’s concert. You can take him out for the weekend to have fun. All in all just try to get his mind off things and win him back to you.

8. Seduce him

Wear that sexy lingerie and seduce him. Come to his house and drive him crazy, make him crave your body, make him forget about the mistake. Some say make up sex are always the hottest, take advantage of this and wow him. U

9. Let him be

If what you did, is so painful and wounded him deeply, let him be, if he can he will forgive you and if he can’t, just let him go.

In relationships, you and your lover is bound to hurt each other, how you handle the pain, anger and forgiveness will determine the life or death of your relationship. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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