How to know whether your partner uses you for sex

How to know whether your partner uses you for sex

“When love is pure, it doesn’t depend on money or sex, it depends on the two hearts. ”
— Eddie Levi

Sometimes, it seems that you have met the right person, he is charming or she is sweet, the sex is amazing and dinner at your place, is always hot, but later you begin to get the feeling you are being used. This new partner focus on your body than on you but the euphoria of meeting someone new blinds you to see the truth and when you discover that you are being used for sex, you will be left heartbroken. Many times, girls fall in love with guys who aren’t in love with them but who are in love with their body, guys too fall victim of being used also.

A successful relationship is formed by two people who know and understand each other, when your partner doesn’t know who you are, what you love, the things you hate then he or she doesn’t love you but can be said to be in the relationship for something else, if the sex is great then your new lover might be in for the sex. If you can’t understand your partner’s feelings for you, here are tips to know whether you are his /her sex toy or his/her special one.

How to know whether your partner uses you for sex

1. Ghost calls

If your partner calls you once in a blue moon or calls when he or she feels like getting laid then your partner wants you for sex. He will only call at late hours, and attempt to get you to hang out with him, or she might just show up at your place randomly with little clothing. Where there is no communication between two of you, it shows you are just wanted for your body.

2. Sexual conversations

Does he always talk about sex? If he does, then he is in for your body. Conversations about sex is healthy but it shouldn’t be the only thing you talk about. There will be talks about personal life, about dreams and aspirations, if he is interested in your body, the language he or she understands is sex. If your partner is always suggesting or bringing up sex in everything you talk about, he doesn’t care about you. For instance, you are trying to tell him about the new business you just opened and he is talking about how it will be crazy and fun to have sex in the office, or you tell her about the new contract you got and she is talking about how good your body looks in sweat pants, this is a clear sign that your partner is using you for sex.

3. No dates

If he doesn’t take you out, it shows that he is not ready to commit. The best date you both have, is dinner at his place and then a clothes off party. He doesn’t want to risk his other booty calls to see you and spoil his “package” so he never takes you out.

4. Irregular love

He or she never shows up when you need him/ her the most and he or she doesn’t know how to be empathetic when you are down or sad. He mostly contact you when they want to have sex and he or she is mostly a weekday lover because she attends to the main guy during the weekends. Love to him or her is your panties or boxers on the floor and when you don’t give in to having sex with him or her, then you don’t love them.

5. He/she can’t keep his or her hands to himself

When he touches you every seconds and always want to take you to bed, it’s a clear sign that he wants sex from you. He can’t talk without touching you, she keeps staring at your trousers, he keeps rubbing your back, she rubs her breasts on your back, all these are clear signs that it’s sex that he or she is in the relationship for.

It can be painful to be in love with someone who wants other things for you, it’s more toxic and painful when he or she uses you for money or sex. Though you might be tempted to stay when you discover that he or she lusts for you, it is best you break up with the person because it’s a parasitic relationship and it will hurt you in the long run because when he or she is tired of you, they will leave you heartbroken. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs, say no to depression and suicide.

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