Turning your Boyfriend on

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“I am turned on just by the sound of your voice ” — Unknown source

Disclaimer : This article is meant for only turning on your boyfriend not any random guy.

To get your partner hot for you is one of the most sizzling part of a relationship. Especially when you are turned on, to get your partner to crave you is exciting and it can also turn you on the more. Physical intimacy is as important as emotional intimacy, when you love someone, you love his/ her soul and crave his /her body. Are you trying make her wet for you or make him hard for you? here are tips on how to set your partner’s body on fire.

Let’s start with the guys, guys are easily turned on, they don’t need too much fondling, give him the hint and he is likely going to pick up what you are putting on the table. There are times that he may feel he is getting mixed signals, here are ways to show him that you want him in you.

1. Flirt with him

The first way to get your boyfriend to know how hot you are for him, is to flirt with him. Touch him in sensitive areas like his arms, his neck or his chest, and if he is on skin cut, rub that shiny head, that is definitely going to turn him on. Play with his body and speak in a low flirty voice. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

2. Talk dirty

Whisper dirty things into ears, tell him your fantasies, tell him what you want him to do to you. Let him know how turned on you are. Tell him you want him to rip off your shirt, tell him that you came to his house without panties or bra. Most men love when their women aren’t afraid to share their fantasies with them.

3. Be confident

Confidence is sexy, I always say. When you are confident about what you want, your man will be turned on. Don’t be shy to talk about sex and what you want from your boyfriend and how you want it.


4. Your body, your weapon

Use your body to entice him, show him enough cleavage to turn him on, let your hair down, dress to undress him, set his mind on fire and set his body on flames . Wear your sexiest lingerie, lean on him and let your erect nipples caress his body. Bite your lower lip in sexy way when you are having a conversation with him and maintain eye contact with him. Hug him when the need arises, and snuggle up with him if you can. Show him your underwear.

5. Show him how to kiss you

If you want short kisses or you want hit steamy kisses, let him know, if you want short kisses, you kiss him then withdraw but if you want more, kiss him intimately and passionately and deeply. Pull him deep into your embrace, and leave trail of kisses on him. You can also taste him, take a little bite, a love bite or love hickey.

6. Moan

Make sensual noises that show you are enjoying what he is doing to you. When he touches your sensitive spots or places of pleasure, moan louder for him to know that those spots takes you to cloud nine. Also when you moan, you turn your partner on the more, moaning increases the tempo of the man’s urge.

7. Be aggressive

Be aggressive, let him know that you want him as much as he wants you. Push him to the wall, touch his body, compliment him on how sexy he is. Kiss him, kiss his body, play with him, tease him mercilessly, make him crave you with his body.

8. Let him lead with you guiding him

Take him where you want him to go. Control his hands yet let him be in charge, let him explore you yet take him to your sensitive areas for maximum amount of pleasure. Open your body to him, let him take control and make you feel loved.

9. Try out your sexual fantasies

Tell your boyfriend about that crazy sexual adventure you always wanted to try out with him. Tell him then do it, enjoy your self and make love to your boyfriend.

All these can lead sex, so if you aren’t ready don’t turn your partner on. Don’t rush any of the ways, build up the sexual tension so much that the whole experience will be so beautiful and sizzling. Go try all these, and turn your boyfriend on. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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