Turning your Girlfriend on

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When you fall in love with someone, you fall for her soul, for her personality, and also for her physical appearance. Her beauty blows your mind and warms your body, her curves, her body makes you hard and drives you nuts. No matter how hard you try, you can never love a person without being attracted to her body. Physical intimacy is as important as emotional intimacy and knowing how to get your girlfriend hot for you, is very important. Getting her to scream your name sensually, to always crave your touch and to always want you, makes your relationship sweet, exciting and intimate, not to mention it reduces the chances of her cheating on you, because truth be told, women who are sexually active, will love a man who can satisfy them well in all things.

The weekend is coming and you want spend time with that special girl. You want it “clothes off” till Sunday night at your place, but you don’t know how to turn her on, you don’t know how to get her wet for you, to crave you and shout your name to the high heavens, here are some tips to turn your girlfriend on.

1. Connect with her

Connect with emotionally, let her feel your presence, let be able to trust you not to break her heart, to be for her. Talk to her about everything and anything, let her know who you are and know she is. Wake up warm romantic feelings in her heart and mind. Connect with her on a deep emotional level.

2. Be the right man

Take a shower, brush your teeth, no one wants to kiss a guy with mouth odor, be well groomed. Also be a gentle man, respect her, learn from her, lead her. Know her to treat her right, listen to her,know her to read her emotions, read her sensual emotions, know when she is turned on and satisfy her. Be chivalrous, be a gentleman, be confident, be the man of her dreams, the man that she wished she lost her virginity to, be the man she wants to marry, love her body, mind and soul.

3. Make love to her mind

Turning her on starts from the mind, get her dirty in her mind first, let her be able to picture all the dirty things you can do to her. You can say things like “I will love to park my car in your garage” I want to rip off your clothes right now, and take you to bed”, ” I want to make love to you”. Set her mind on fire with sweet words, with sexual words, undo her with her imagination. Make her wet just by thinking of all the dirty things you will do to her.

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4. Hug her

Hug her in such a way that she will feel that you want her. If you can, hug her with an erection, this will surprise and turn her on too. You can move from a hug to a kiss depending on how you hold her, let feel the fire burning in you. Hold her tightly around her waist, let her feel your hunger, let her feel you.

5. Touch her

Touch her in sensitive places, keep your touch light yet firm, it may be intentional or seem unintentional. Massage her back and neck, slowly, sexually, her sensitive areas should get the most attention, this will set her on fire. Trail your fingers lightly down her jawline, down her stomach, this will send a ticklish feeling down her body and ripples of excitement down her spine.

6. Try PDA

You can start things off outside, a little kiss here and there, a tickles here and there or even hugs can give her a hint that you want her on your bed. A little public display of affection can’t hurt rather it might be the juice you need to spice things up.

7. Kiss her

Kiss her passionately, let your lips tell her that you want her. Kiss her the way you want her. Kiss her lips lightly first and if she wants you to, kiss more deeply, more passionately. Kiss her everywhere, her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her body. Leave a trail of wet kisses down her skin, you can even leave an hickey here and there to keep things interesting and send jolts of electricity down her spine. Kiss her like you want to be love.

8. Get her something sexy

Buy her something sexy like lingerie, bras or something utterly sexy. Also store sexy items in your room, like berries or ice-cream that you can lick off her skin. Get her something that will drive her imagination crazy.

9. Try the eye and lips game

Look at her eyes first and then her lips, then her eyes again then her lips again, then look at her eyes again, this will let her know subconsciously that you want to kiss her, so she can either tilt her head up or raise her lips for a kiss or ask you why you are looking her at like that.

10. Clothes off at your place

Make sure you have privacy for you both. Then peel her clothes gently and purposely. Undress her in that her body will react to your touch.

11. Let her take charge

You can make things more exciting by letting her take control. Let her guide you to how she wants it and you both will have maximum pleasure.

Women are different with different needs and desires, tips are not limited to these. Turning your woman on, is one of the exciting things in a relationship. Always try to keep your woman happy and be happy with her and your relationship will grow and blossom. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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