BBNAIJA: Mike gives an overall update about his live since bbnaija

Mike Edwards has decided to take through his Instagram page to give his fans and followers a little insight of everything that has been happening in his life for the past few weeks.C9D23E4F A11B 4498 ACBD BCF1B3403075

The Tv reality star took his fans step by step on how he has been going through life since three weeks of the bbnaija conclusion.

He spoke from the way he has been living in different apartments to the simple lessons he has learned about life in Nigeria and how much he appreciates the serenity of its environment to how much he has grown to love his live and many more promising to take it as a hobby in giving highlights of his live to his fans.

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Since I’ve left Big Brother House I haven’t really explained what’s been going on and when my fans will get to see me next, so here’s a little update on the situation & my life overall. I’ve been out of Big Brother’s house 3 weeks now. I’ve stayed in 2 hotels, 1 apartment, and I’l be moving to another location soon. I’m loving every minute of being back on home soil and spending quality time exploring lagos with my beautiful wife, this city is so electric and fulfilling. I came with a goal to make the most of the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m embracing the uncertainty of it all. I’ve had to figure out how to maneuver in Lagos traffic. I learned that I can’t just walk into a local grocery store or bank because I cause too much attention, plus I hardly ever turn down a selfie with my people ✌? I’ve had some incredible opportunities present themselves already, and it’s exciting thinking about the plans. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is daunting, but it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m going to keep doing these flash life updates of how I'm transitioning back to Nigeria. Im also working with my managment @theofficialeme_ and road team on something big for my official meet and greet tour which I’ll be announcing ASAP you know me, I’m all about details so I can deliver the best ☺️ Once again thank you all for being so supportive and understanding with all of this. P.S It’s crazy to think last year I was a homeless Athlete fighting to represent Nigeria, and now I’m a household name. Gods Plan #ManLikeMike Photo: @novographer Suit: @israeldiaofficial Shirt: @khali_kulture Shoes: @davidwej

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