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“Love finds its way back home.” — Rupal Asodaria

She might be beautiful, she might very attractive, talks with accent, she might be very good in bed, a very good cook, but is she right for you? Many guys rushed into a relationship and/or marriage, because they are attracted to what they see but they forget that beauty is more than physical attraction. There are many girls out there, some of them might want to be with you for very wrong reasons, like sex, money, recharge card, barbecue chicken, suya, cold stone ice-cream, and so many other wrong reasons. Others might have your best interest at heart but still they might not be right for you, because you guys don’t vibe on a special level, she doesn’t drive you crazy and you don’t drive her wild, your relationship with her is just plain and bland. A girl might have an attractive body, might be very good in bed, cooks better than your mother but she might not be the right one for you, she might not help you reach your fullest potentials, she might not make you happy.

If you are dating an amazing girl and you wondering whether she is the one for you, here are tips to know whether she is the right for you.

1. She completes you

She is perfect for you, she knows you, understands you, she is your number one fan. She has all the qualities you desire in a woman, you can deal with her flaws and she can deal with yours. She is the one that makes you want to visit that coffee shop, she makes you hold your ribs and laugh so heartily, she laughs at your driest jokes. She is your best friend, you knows your deepest secrets and you know hers. You can’t seem to hide anything from her and when you share what hurts you with her, she takes the pain away. She challenges you to be better version of your self. She wants the same things from life with you, and also she has the same views on life as you, she wants four kids too like you, she wants to start a business just like you, she completes you.

2. You love talking to her

You can spend hours without noticing, talking about big and small stuff. Your talks move beyond “how was your day” to deeper topics like your goals and dreams. There is never a dull moment with her around, even in silence, you both still communicate with each other. She knows a lot about you and knows what you can do and can’t do. She loves talking to you too, she doesn’t sleep well without hearing your voice and when you guys fight, it hurts her as well as you. 20191004 0001

3. She is just favorite person to be with

Though you love your space, you enjoy your privacy or you love drinking with your friends, since she came into your life, no one else really matters. You love being with her, talking with her, playing with her, eating her food, you always enjoy staying with her. Days and nights seems empty without her. Even in bad times or times when you guys are bickering, you still want to be around her, her presence puts a smile on your face and warm your heart.

4. It’s crazy that she always turns you on

She can turn you on anytime, any place, whether she is wearing a bikini or she is dressed in clothes that cover her from head to toe. She controls your sexual urge and you are not afraid to try out your fantasies with her and sex has never been so amazing. Though takes work, your sexual life is very exciting because she excites all parts of you.

5. You can cope with her flaws

No one is without flaw, but when you find easy to cope with her flaws as she can cope with yours. Even she eats with her mouth open, talks a bit too much, snores, you still want to be with her because the way you feel about her no one else can make you feel that way. Her flaws are just errors in her personality, you are willing to help her remove. There is nothing major you want to change about her.

6. She is everywhere

She is the food you had for breakfast, because you had her favorite, she is the newscaster because they both wore red blazers that day, she is Simi because she is a good singer, she is in the game of football because she once commented on Ronaldo’s skills. You keep seeing her everywhere because every little detail about her is scattered around you and is engraved in your memory, you can’t stop thinking of her so every little thing reminds you of her.

7. You never want to hurt her

She is like a fragile egg, you don’t want to break her. You don’t want to hurt her, in fact when you hurt her, you hurt yourself. Her feelings are very important to you and you don’t want to betray her trust in you.

8. She loves your family and friends

Though sometimes your girlfriend and your family or friends might not exactly hit it off, but if she likes some of your friends and family and they like her too then it’s a big indicator that she is the right one for you. She sometimes want to hang out with you and your friends or family. Your friends and family are important because the two sets of people are instrumental in shaping who you are, so once both your family and friends and your girl are friends then she is right for you.

9 . She loves you

No matter all the above, if she doesn’t love you, she is not right for you. She must love you, mind body and soul. She doesn’t tell you she loves you, she shows you. It’s in the way she talks to you, the way she holds you, the way she kiss you, the way she behaves with you.

Every man has his preference, and every man has someone who will make him happy. Don’t spend time with someone who doesn’t want you to be you, doesn’t help you to be better. Relationship takes work even if she is the right one, you have to make sure you and her make the relationship work. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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