Why being a little picky is good in dating

Why being a little picky is good in dating

“Don’t just fall in love with anybody, some love you to kill you, some love you till death, pick the right one.” — Eddie Levi

“You are too selective! Mike is a nice guy though he is not perfect, he is here” does this sound familiar? Most times when we refuse to settle for someone who does fit our standards, the people closest to us feel we are picky. Though no one is perfect and there is nothing like a perfect partner, there should be some certain criteria that the person you want to date should fulfill. Not that he must be six feet tall or she should have the biggest buttocks, but your special one should the one who you share the same basic values with; s/he should be the one who completes you in most aspects not the one you are trying to manage so that you feel in a relationship.

Being single can be lonely sometimes especially when all your friends are either in a relationship or are getting married; the pressures from friends and family might want to tempt you to date the next available person, but when you date someone just to fill a vacuum in your dating life, it always ends badly. The reason being that most times you might tend to force a connection that is not there just like trying to put broken glass together, it will never be perfect.

Though many of your loved ones will picky-shame you, some might even go as far as insulting you or mock you behind you; there are a lot of benefits of being selective of who you date.

  1. Less heartbreaks

Your heart won’t be broken every time; this is because you will meet few assholes and fewer players. Every guy/ girl you agree to date will meet your standards and you both will make a better match and stand a better chance of surviving any storm. You wait your time in stupid relationships that will obviously lead nowhere and which also might prevent you from being with the right one

Why being a little picky is good in dating

2. Discovering yourself

Instead of wasting time waiting for to be relationship or go in and out of relationships as if you are always to the market, you can take that time to do you. You can work on that project, take that course, and go on that trip. You can learn to understand who you are, and love that person. Don’t be afraid to dream, to breathe, and to live. You can derive confidence in you are. Remember that the only person who can love you 100% is yourself so appreciate yourself more.

3. Deal-breakers

When you date anyone who has enough courage to ask you out or who is so willing to date you, you might not be able say no to anything that you are ok with. This is because, you might too desperate for the relationship to work that you might accept just thing the other person does. If he is chronic smoker and is unwilling to change, you will stick with him because although you hate smoking, you want the relationship to work so you won’t be single. The bad thing about accepting just about anything is that in the end, it will drive crazy later and you might end up hating both you and your partner.

You won’t die alone, be with someone who is worth your salt. You are special, be with someone who sees that and loves you. Don’t be in a hurry to date that guy because he is available or ask that girl out because she seems willing, enjoy your single life; single life is fun, you are free to do whatever what you want whenever you like. Relationship is all about compromises and sacrifices, with the wrong person it will feel like a burden, with the right person it will be heaven. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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