You Can’t Celebrate Your Mum Better Than Nigerian Rapper Ikechukwu, See Message To His Mum

Nigeria rapper Ikechukwu has shown how much he love his mother as he shower praise on her.

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Despite not being mother’s day or her birthday, Ikechukwu via his Instagram Page wrote an epistle about how much he love and care for his mum.

He wrote;
People keep asking me how u look so young or how do u do it. Or they call me vampire . Or where is the spring im drinking from etc etc.
Well in my case , the apple didnt fall far from the tree. I am both my parents child. And since popsy sint here to show u , let momsy do the honours. After all na she carry me for 9 months na she feed me the milk of eternal life and has continued to force the word of eternal salvation upon me even when my dumb ears werent listening. I think she makes 80 look lit , swagged out , drippy drip . And she aint even trying. This pic was taken on a sunday after church in Potomac Maryland. God no send wetin u wear go church as long say u go abii.

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Love u mama forever and ever. Hope i continue to make u proud. This birthday of mine on the 13th of this month i will lean back and just let the people that love me celebrate me. We always feel it necessary to spend the most and do the most for others on our bdays and i dont know where that culture came from cos as kids we always were celebrated. But this year im just happy to be alive and hope i will be showered with love and utilize that love as fuel to reach this same stage and age my mama reached in august this year. God bless u mama my forever inspiration. ???????? Ps. For those of u who aint reading it right. Its not my moms bday. Im just celebrating her good looks and age. Her bday was August 28th when she turned 80.