Staying in Love with Partner

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“Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”
Mignon McLaughlin

Love is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, it makes you want to dance kukere whenever you see that special one and it sets free butterflies in your stomach. Love is the core foundation of a long-lasting and successful relationship. If Michael doesn’t love Gbemisola, he won’t commit to her, if Joke Silva doesn’t love Olu Jacobs, their marriage won’t have lasted this long. No pillar of relationship: commitment, connection, etc. can function without the two parties loving each other.

It is easy to stop loving your special one, after all you see him/her almost all the time, you know him/her almost too well, it is possible to become bored at some point in the relationship. Other times, fights and bickering might weaken the relationship and you may desperately want out so that you can breathe freely again. When you are in a relationship with that special one, there will be a lot of challenges that might make you want to reconsider being in the relationship and tempt you to want to end things. These challenges can make you fall out of love with your partner and eventually lead to the end of the relationship. This is why for some relationships after the first few months into dating, the rosy stage, and things become sour and the relationship comes to an end.

Staying in love with your partner is easy. Love is practical, not just mere words, if you want your relationship to last longer; you and your partner have to learn how to stay in love with each other. Love is a beautiful thing and in order for you to keep enjoying love you and your partner must remain committed to growing in love with each other. You and your lover have to move past the euphoria of just starting a relationship and get to know each other better, that way you both can foster intimacy that will bolster your love and strengthen your bond.

Here are tips on how to stay in love with your partner:

1.Be consistent in love

Keep doing the things that make your partner feel loved and your bond strong. Surprise each other, share intimate moments, gift each other special things other than your heart, and go on romantic dates. Keep the fire of your love burning by doing both the little and big things that strengthen your bond.

couple portraits 20191103 0001

2.Practice forgiveness

Let forgiveness be at the center of your relationship, though that doesn’t give either of you the license to screw up, don’t be hesitant to forgive your partner and he/she shouldn’t be. He didn’t call you all day, he is sorry and he apologizes, forgive him. She got drunk, vomited everywhere after you have repeatedly told her not to drink, forgive her then help her. Forgive your lover even when s/he doesn’t ask for it.

3. Get dirty with each other

Flirt with each other. Occasional send him pictures of you in your sexy underwear, whisper sweet nothings to her ear, play tag naked, do the crazy, do the naughty, do the fun. Don’t be afraid to show your partner how much you love him/her. Be free with your partner.

4. Value your lover

Listen to your lover, be there when he needs a shoulder to cry on, be there when she needs someone to talk to. Don’t any one insult or harass your lover, always protect him, always support her. Protect your relationship from meddling people, keep your relationship sacred. Accept each other as you are. Make sure you and your lover grow together and individually. Support each other dreams and most importantly, value each other equally.

5.Learn not imitate

There will always be another couple whose relationship might seem better than yours, well, it’s not. It’s ok to learn one or two things from older and other couples but don’t use them as basis to judge your relationship. Every relationship is unique, with its own challenges and sweetness, focus on building yours and learn from the mistakes you and your lover make along the way.

6. Create new rituals

Don’t be afraid to add new things to spice up your relationship. Maybe a new Christmas tradition or maybe dinner date every end of the month or something else utterly romantic, just do something new and different. Create new, amazing and romantic traditions.

7. Avoid the four deadly plagues

Don’t criticize your partner instead try to understand and be empathetic. Don’t treat your lover with contempt no matter what. Don’t allow defensiveness and stonewalling prevents you both to resolve a conflict. Avoid these plagues.

8. Have me-time

Give each other space to breathe. Don’t be clingy because it might stifle growth. Give each other space to try out new adventures, hang out with friends, have fun and live life. Clinginess leads to suspicion and ultimately the end of the relationship.

9. Your lover needs to get angry

Your lover needs to get upset; you need to see him/her get angry so you can know his/her triggers. When he or she gets angry with you accept responsibility for your actions and/or words, then work on resolving the conflict. Encourage each other not to let anger, hurt and pain pile up so that all those emotions will not come gushing out and causing greater harm.

10. Take care of yourself

Just because you are in a relationship, you stopped dressing fine, you begin prefer to look like a woman in her sixties, and you decide deodorant is for kids. Take care of yourself, look sexy for him, and look hot for him. If anything, you should look better when you are dating than when you were single, it shows your lover is taking good care of you.

For a relationship to grow, you both have to give your all to it. Always try to love your partner through the motions. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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