Why you should have Couple Goals

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Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more.” – Bob Marley.

Being in a relationship is fun; you get to spend time with the one you love, doing amazing things together. Love makes us giddy with excitement but there will be times where it will feel boring. You may begin to feel that your relationship is losing its excitement; relationship goals help spice up your relationship. Goals doesn’t only spice your relationship, it also leaves you and your partner a sense of fulfillment and pride when you both achieve these goals. These goals will also strengthen your bond and increase your intimacy. Relationship goals are just basically goals that you and your lover set together for the growth of your relationship. Relationship goals doesn’t stop you from having personal goals, it’s a way of doing more things together; the exciting part is the fun and joy you and your lover can derive from working towards these goals.

I know you are excited and you are hurry to set wonderful goals with your partner, there are some things you should take into consideration. Things like alignment: your goals must align that is if you want to live in Lagos and your babe wants to live in Dubai you guys will need to work on a middle ground. This is important because goals means that you both are heading towards a particular direction and if you both aren’t heading in same direction there is a problem. Talk to each other about these goals, let it be what you and your partner want to do together, let them be attainable and very specific; as obvious as this is, some people don’t talk things through, they just assume that is what the other party want. The goals must make you both feel good; it should give you both a sense of achievement and fulfillment, joy and peace. Make sure you and your special one find ways to keep you both in check and achieve the goals, like if you both plan on reading a book together, and he decides he might want to skip some pages, you can make an arrangement for him to do dishes for a month.

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One thing though, these goals shouldn’t affect your personal goals instead they should bolster your resolve to achieve your goals. Write down these goals and maybe put them in your room(s) to remind you guys of them. Lastly, don’t fail celebrate these goals when you both achieve them, it is worth celebrating.
Every couple is peculiar, so no two couples will set the same set of goals, while this is true, here are some things that can help you and your S.O can set your goals.

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1. The aisle or not?

For some couples, one of their major goals is to tie the knot for others, marriage is far off. This should be part of the goals you both should set, so you both know where you stand.

2. How to spend the dough

How do you handle your finances? Are you guys planning to that house in Lekki gardens and how do you guys intend to get the money? Are you guys saving for your unborn children? These and other important questions will enable you two plan on how to use your money, set money-oriented goals and how to spend wisely.

3. Fitness and health goals

You both can decide to visit the gym twice in a week, cut down on junk food and work on other health or related issues

4. Date nights

This is very important. You guys must have date nights; it is compulsory because it give you guys an opportunity to bond, catch up, look sexy for each other and unwind from daily life’s stress. So make sure you have date nights, but not very regularly so that it won’t lose its taste.

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5. Group activity

You both can sign up to volunteer at church, youth centre, NGOs, and so on. Find a common hobby or passion and you both can enjoy these things together.

There are gazillion goals you and your lover can set, just set the right goals that will make you both feel loved and very happy.
The only way, you and your lover can set goals and achieve them, is if you both value the relationship. You both have to put the relationship first and treat your relationship as an independent part. To do this, you both must communicate effectively with each other regularly and very well, never leave an issue unresolved. Set time to hang out and bond, be vulnerable with each other, play silly games, kiss and cuddle. If you are both sexually active, have a hot and crazy sex life. Learn from each other, with each other for each other. Be there for each other. Always fight the problem not yourselves and forever be intimate. By doing all these you won’t only achieve these goals, your love will grow deeper, your bond will wax stronger and your sex will become hotter.

Relationships need their fire rekindle sometimes, goals set your hearts on fire and sink it in love for each other. This has been Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggs

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