How to send money from India to Nigeria with Ease (2021)

How to send money from India to Nigeria 2020

Ever wondered how to send money from India to Nigeria with ease?

today I’ll be showing you how to send money from India to Nigeria.

I’m not exactly curious about details, but the information you’re about to read would be

useful for if you (a Nigerian) find yourself schooling, living, or working in India; or an

Indian in Nigeria for whatever reason best known to you.

Needless to say, you could literally be in one of the two countries, and send money to

anyone in the other country, hundreds of miles apart.

Now, I say “needless to say” because if I give you a chance to guess how that can be done,

your chances of coming with the correct answer is exactly 85.67% (don’t ask me how I came about the calculation).

Almost everyone knows (especially at this time) that electronic transfer is the most likely

means to send from India to Nigeria.

Technology has developed enough to have you not racking your brains for ways to send

money from India to Nigeria, or the other way around. No more expensive postages, or other archaic means.

You also wouldn’t have to worry about border modalities and other physical requirements,

just up and wire the money!

Unless you don’t just up and wire the money. It’s not magic, and definitely not without its drawbacks (especially in this case). Which is why I’ll be sharing with you, in this post, how to send money from India to Nigeria in the practical steps that there are.

  1. Western Union

Let’s kick things off real quick! And what better way to do this than to start with the most

popular service that could be used to send money from India to Nigeria?

As far as electronic money transfers are concerned, Western Union is borderline extremely popular.

It’s really no competition for most people, and even if they’ve heard of other similar electronic payment systems, Western Union comes to mind first, 9 times out of 10.

This makes it more widely used, and in turn, Western Union improves its quality, and the cycle continues, which benefits users generally.

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To use Western Union, simply log on to Western Union website Here, and create an account.  You would be required to provide your Banking information, and pay a registration fee.

After successfully registering, you would have to wait for the verification of that account.

It is after that verification that you can then send money from India to Nigeria.

Bear in mind, however, there are caveats (they are not really caveats, but something similar)

You can only send a maximum of $10,000 or its equivalent in Indian Rupees, for Educational Purposes; if you’re a student getting funds from India to Nigeria, this is important to keep in mind and plan around it.

If the transfer is for other uses, then the maximum you can transfer is $5,000 or it’s equivalent in Indian Rupees. Not as high a transfer limit as everyone would have liked, but it’s something that shouldn’t be hard to adjust to.

2. Paytm

If Western Union is not your cup of tea (maybe because you’re not able to use it at all due to restrictions), it’s nice to know that you can use a lot of alternatives.

One of them is Paytm. You can easily send Funds using Paytm’s Nigeria transfer option.

First, you register on the Paytm’s website (you can do that Here); you would be reminded of the safety precautions you should take when sending money online.

Nigeria, recently becoming so notorious for online fraud and stuff, appears particularly prominent in those precautions, so before you proceed, make sure absolutely know what you’re doing (this warning particularly carries if you’re transferring the funds primarily for business).

Paytm is particularly for if you want to send money from India to Nigeria, and not necessarily the other way around.

3. International Bank Transactions

If you want to substitute convenience for the chance to save on transfer fees (which you won’t be obliged to pay), you can use your bank.

The banks too use the electronic payment technology but the difference between that and, say, Western Union, is that they already manage your account, so it would be more flexible in a way.

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Banks payments are more formal with procedures, so I’d recommend if you want to send large amounts of money.

Also, there’s no limit to how much you can send, and if there is, your bank would quickly put you through with charges and the other details you need to know.

To get started, simply walk into any of your bank branch in area, or contact them, if they have put up a means for you to do so.

This works both ways; Contact your bank in India, if you’re sending from India, and a bank in Nigeria, if you’re sending from Nigeria.

However, not every bank in India can send money to Nigeria; in fact, the State Bank of

India, for example, would only send money to South Africa in the whole of Africa.

This is because they probably don’t have a correspondence account in Nigeria which would

facilitate a transaction to send money from India to Nigeria

So, it becomes imperative that you check with your bank (whether in Nigeria or India) if they can send money from India to Nigeria.

If it happens that they can’t send money from India to Nigeria, you’ve only got the third-party electronic transfer service options like the ones I’ve stated above.


Conclusion on How to send money from India to Nigeria 2021

Be it business, or family expenses, or miscellaneous expenses, now you know that you can

send money from India to Nigeria.

If I’m to give my final verdict, I’d say that it is likely that you use one of the third party electronic transfer services available

Because the number of banks in the two countries that support international money

transfer between the one another is not very much.

Besides you ultimately save yourself a lot of stress especially when there are no restrictions

to your usage of the service, or when the money you actually want to send isn’t too large.


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