7 Best Free Fitness and Weight loss Apps

Have you been looking for the best free fitness and weight loss apps that you can use to achieve your fitness goals in 2022? Are “best weight loss apps free”, “best free workout apps for weight loss” and “best weight loss apps 2022” the dominant queries in your search history? We’ve got good news.

Fitness and weight loss are now a top priority for most people these days. That’s thanks to the massive awareness on social media on the importance of a healthy body. Coupled with the fact that people share “hot summer body” and “6 packs” on social media and it tends to challenge others.

Perhaps you have that decision to take your fitness and weight loss more serious but need the right tools to support you in this journey, then this is for you.

What’s that one thing you always have with you everywhere you go? That thing you rarely forget. You guessed right – your smartphone.

Guess what?! The “smart” in the smartphone is not there for fancy, it’s there to serve a purpose … It’s there for the single reason that your phone is actually smart. You are most likely either using an iOS or an Android device and these two are capable of helping you in your fitness and weight loss journey… you only need to have the right apps. And that’s the whole essence of this write-up.

In this article, you would find the best free fitness and weight loss apps that would help achieve your dream body without leaving your room. The only price you’d need to pay is CONSISTENCY! Let’s get down to business.

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Nike Training Club

So, you realize that you need to do theme routines now and then to achieve your dream body but you just can’t go out to the gym every day. Or maybe you can’t afford the cost of paying for a gym (or a gym instructor). Not to worry, Nike Training Club got you.

7 Best Free Fitness and Weight loss Apps for Nigerians (2021)
best free fitness and weight loss apps

As the name implies, Nike Training Club is one of the most popular best free fitness and weight loss apps that gives you access to virtual gym instructors and routines for your exercise. The gym instructors include celebrity trainers and pro athletes.

The fitness app is available for free for both iOS and Android users with an option to upgrade to the premium plan.

Device: Android and iOS


Noom Weight Loss App – Android and iOS

This app helps you set weight loss goals and monitor your progress. Noom weight loss app has three main functions:

  • Noom Weight Loss App monitors the kind of food you eat so you are kept accountable
  • It helps you to set your goals in weight loss and monitor your progress
  • It helps you make healthier choices by logging your exercise, even from daily activities

Device: Android and iOS

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This fitness and weight loss app is designed for bikers, runners, and anyone with a workout that gets them out of the house.

Endomondo Sports Tracker uses GPS to monitor your routes and make your daily exercise absolutely fun.

The app takes account of your run, provides you with a Google Maps view, browsable workout history, and lap times.

It also supports receiving pep talks and notifications from your friends to keep you going every time you break a mile.

The app is free, but you can upgrade to the premium plan for advanced options. Among others, the premium plan of $3.99 integrates with Twitter and Facebook and pulls data from renowned heart-rate sensors and pedometers.

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Device: Android and iOS

My Fitness Pal

This is up there as one of the best weight loss apps in 2022. Not only is it a mobile app, it has a fully functional website that can also help you in your weight loss journey.

My Fitness Pal weight loss app helps you track your food intake and works in synchronization with other similar apps such as MapMyRun, Endomondo Sports Tracker, FitBit, RunKeeper, Strava among others.

7 Best Free Fitness and Weight loss Apps for Nigerians (2021)
Best Free Fitness and Weight loss Apps

The app has a feature that allows you to quickly scan barcodes to get log foods, nutrition facts, or select from their enormous database of foods.

One thing that helps with staying fit and trying to lose weight is having the right community around you.

The community can be just that one friend that’s always challenging you to keep it going or a group of people with like minds.

My Fitness Pal gives that sense of community with the Facebook-like feed that helps you stay connected to others and be accountable.

If you are looking to start dieting according to your macros, this app is great for food tracking and might just be what you need.

Device: Android and iOS


  1. MyNetDiary

Losing weight requires the combination of diet, exercise, and behavior change and this free weight loss app removes the guesswork from the former –

it is a powerful weight loss app that focuses on nutrition.

MyNetDiary monitors your nutrition and calorie intake along with your exercise to keep you in control.

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The app has charts and graphs that are always great sources of powerful motivation as they show you how much progress you’ve made.

It’s an easy-to-use app and you can easily get any information you need about any food by just typing the first few letters of the food in the search text field.

PS: MyNetDiary has 420,000+ food database.

Device: Android and iOS


  1. Eat This, Not That! The Game

This is a special weight loss app that comes in the form of a game. Now, how cool is that? Imagine achieving your weight loss goals and having fun while at it.

The game shows you two similar products so you can guess which of the two is more nutritious. It’s an addictive game and it teaches you food tricks for better meals.

You’d be shocked how playing the game a couple of times would change your food-buying habits.

Device: iOS


  1. JEFIT

JEFIT app is also one the best free fitness and weight loss apps, designed for those who are regular gym visitors who need in-depth exercise training and tracking.

JEFIT contains loads of exercises that can be picked from an anatomical map.

The app helps in creating super-set power-packed workouts and logs your progress photos so you always go back to see the progress of the toning happening in your body.

Device: Android and iOS

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