Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online

How to Get Rich From Sports Betting (2021)

Betting! Is the most common word you hear from our youth these days. A lot of youths have joined the league of sports betting in Nigeria, which simply indicates that, sports betting in Nigeria knows no age.

The young, the youths, and the old are now involved. Sports would become a boring affair without betting. I know a lot of people that only come to viewing centers just to watch how their tickets( coupons) would unfold.

With the increase in sports betting sites in Nigeria, a lot of youths now felt there is no longer need of learning a trade (this might be the reason why the Nigerian president once said: Nigerian youths are lazy).

Football is one of the most popular, if not everyone’s favorite sport ( my mom does watch football sometimes) and this has led to the proliferation of online football betting sites in Nigeria.

People no longer have to form long queues at various sports betting shops.

Under the comfort of your home, you can easily bet a game through a sports betting website or using a list of betting apps in Nigeria and all over the world. Everything just got easier.

Sports betting is a sure way of making cool cash. I say cool because you don’t have to undergo stress before you get your money rolling in.

The question that needs answering right now is: which are the best online sports betting sites in Nigeria?

This will be a very difficult question to answer. With the increase in betting companies in Nigeria, online betting sites are growing in number with each passing day.

Among the popular betting sites in Nigeria, there are some that give higher bonuses than others while another one might tend to offer quick cash-out payments.

All the top sport betting sites in Nigeria offer one advantage over the other, and that’s why answering the question of which is the best online sports betting site in Nigeria is never justifiable.

Among the top betting sites in Nigeria, people have various preferences. After all, one man’s food is another man’s trash.

That notwithstanding, there are some sites among the old and new betting sites in Nigeria that offer higher bonuses for first-time customers, quicker cash-out, and other user-friendly features.

So before you switch site is the best betting site, or who the best bookies are or the top sport betting sites in the world, permit me to quickly run you through a list, a list of 20 best betting sites in Nigeria. Don’t forget that this is my own list.

You might have your own list of favorite betting sites which is why I recommend you drop a comment below just to know if my list and yours, have some things in common, or the various positions you choose to give yours when compared to mine.

20 Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria

1. 1xBet []

This takes the first position on my list of best-betting sites to bet your game in Nigeria. When you are talking about a legit betting site in Nigeria, 1xbet is a platform you wouldn’t want to miss. They offer incredible bonuses for your wins and the cash out is superb.

Being among the most recognized companies worldwide makes it a guaranteed place where you can get great odds and a variety of markets. Don’t forget that it’s also very simple to be an account holder. It takes just a few minutes to do that.

Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online (2021)
Sports Betting in Nigeria

Celebrity news is another sure way you can make cool cash on 1xbet. As the best sports booking platform, it provides all kinds of betting markets for various punters.

1xbet offers a variety of sporting competitions around the world and it covers even the least club matches you can ever imagine.

There are more than 90 sporting competitions around the globe offering 4500 betting markets and 2000 live bets. All these events have an average of 10000+ of live streaming every day.

What You Should Know About Online Sports Betting in Nigeria

1x bet is the best betting site in Nigeria in 2019, and it has carried that reputation of being the best into 2020.  Since I decided to rank it as number one on my list (I don’t know about yours so please don’t strangle me in my sleep) I have no doubt about it being the top of my list of top 5 betting sites in Nigeria.

If you are a sports lover who loves to make Cool cash (who doesn’t love anyway. Maybe you don’t, but I do) 1xbet is a place you will want to visit. I will drop their address just to make things easy for you.

You can visit their official website by clicking here

2. Double Bet

Just like the name implies, it offers incredible odds, different types of markets and various betting competitions you can choose from. What distinguishes it from most other site is, it is translated into 51 different languages. Can you imagine!  51 different languages. Even your friend who claims to understand only French can easily bet his game without any difficulty.

Football has taken over many sports and double bet presents a higher number of players with large winnings.

You can easily download the app if you are an Android user or if you choose to conserve your data, you can easily navigate through your web browser to place your bet.

There is still something I haven’t told you and this might make you feel excited as a new player.

New players are sure to get a 100% welcome bonus, and you can get up to #50,000. It also come with other packages along the line, an example being the Luck Friday reload bonuses. Once you’ve successfully registered and deposit your first money, you are guaranteed of your matching bonus in no time.

Double Bet takes the second spot on my list of betting sites in Nigeria. They offer the top sports betting in Nigeria and are among the most popular top sport betting sites in the world.

You can grab your bonus right away if you choose to register now. Just click here

3. Bet9ja Shop Bet []

I don’t know about you but as for me, Bet9ja is the most popular betting site in Nigeria. You can find bet9ja shops in almost every corner of this country.

I bet you have one close to your house. Even a newborn baby has heard about bet9ja though he/she might not understand its meaning. I can bet they will one day understand its meaning.

They have high odds and one of the highest bonuses. They’ve been into the sports betting business of a thing for quite some time now and you are guaranteed not to be scammed (this is not MMM).

Sports Betting in Nigeria
Sports Betting in Nigeria

They have lots of customers. In fact, bet9ja shops are the most frequented shops in Nigeria. Their shops are always busy. They pay their bettors in no time and they will continue to still pay.

It is ranked the 3rd website in Nigeria but I decided to bring it 4th on my list because the aforementioned sites offer higher bonuses, which is what most young people are after. Who doesn’t want more money in his/her pocket?  A rhetorical question indeed.

You might also like to visit my list of most visited sites in Nigeria. Bet9ja tops the list due to its large customer base. These guys are always making money.

4. 22Bet is among the top sport betting sites in Nigeria. When you want higher odds, HD live streaming, and fast payout without any strings attached, 22bet will lead the team of such sites.

When you are in search of a site with significant growth and a range of variety of markets, 22bet is what you should go after. Their over-a-decade experience makes them the most domestic and international bookmakers.

When you sign up with 22bet company, you will get the following packages

  • All your wins payout are guaranteed
  • Live betting and accumulation of odds
  • Your personal data is secured
  • You have customer and email support 24/7
  • A welcome bonus of 100%
  • Real-time betting of 24/7
  • Transaction payments are safe and secured
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All you have to do is sign-up here to receive an amazing welcome bonus. 22Bet is one of the best places you can place your bet in Nigeria

5. Sportybet Nigeria []

Sportybet is one of the newest betting sites in Nigeria. It offers varieties of games you can bet on, ranging from football, tennis, cricket, basketball, volleyball and the likes. You also get a 100% return on your first deposit. You might even get N10,000 as discount gifts. How awesome is that?

Sports Betting in Nigeria
Sports Betting in Nigeria

Sportybet has a user-friendly app that is superb, it also consumes less data and you can easily download it on your android device.

Am sorry for saying this but you must be 18 years of age or more to play or register at sportybet.

A word of caution: there is always some amount of risk associated with gambling. You shouldn’t put or bet all your life savings into a game. Be wise. Don’t play safe but play smart.

6. Naira Bet Mobile []

Nairabet ranks as the 32nd website in this country. It is among the most popular and top sport betting sites in Nigeria which dates back to 2009.

It was the first to come up with a functioning website and they were also the first to get legalized, regulated, and becoming the richest sports betting company in Nigeria.

Top Sports Betting in Nigeria
Top Sports Betting in Nigeria

Their app, the Nairabet mobile app once made it to the top 10 betting apps among the betting apps in Nigeria.

You can easily transfer withdrawals to your bank account immediately and they are known for issuing payments within 15 hours or so. The good news about it also is that your bonus accumulates with an increasing number of matches.

You can visit their official website to sign up

7. Merry Bet []

This website has a famous slogan that says “where champions play.” It ranks as the 119th website in the country and one of the most effective and popular betting sites for soccer.

Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online (2021)
Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online (2021)

It offers a 100% bonus for a first-time deposit and tops it with other bonuses from accumulated bets. If you are the type that uses phones and laptops to bet, then merrybet is for you.

You can visit their own website for more info

8. BetKing []

I bet you saw it coming. Betking offers both live and virtual betting in retail shops outlets and online. Have been growing consistently on a monthly basis for quite some time now.

Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online (2021)
Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online (2021)

They offer varieties of games such as hockey, tennis, basketball and lots more. However, they cover most European leagues and other leagues around the world.

Furthermore, they give great odds that will make you keep coming back and they rank as the 134th website in Nigeria.

Offer the following packages

  • Odds that are competitive
  • Markets that are unique and exclusive
  • Cash-out on weekends
  • Their agents get up to 30% commission, just in case you might want to become one of their agents
  • Good bonuses and lots of promos

You can visit their website or you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

9. Winners Golden Bet (

They rank as the 434th website in Nigeria. Offer the following packages

  • Settlements of bets can be delayed by winners until official confirmation of results emerges.
  • You can place a bet at the very end of the game
  • If rigging is suspected, WGB has the right to cancel that bet

10. Lions Bet (

A not too common betting site in Nigeria. They have some good odds and a fast payout.

Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online (2021)
Sports Betting in Nigeria

This site is definitely not for novice and amateur bettors. If you can withstand the heat, then you are good to go.

11. Access Bet (

Since you’ve heard access in the name of the bet, the next thing is to assume it is owned by the access bank.

Top Sports Betting in Nigeria
Sports Betting in Nigeria

Just visit their official website at for more info

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12. Naija Bet (

They also offer a variety of bets on badminton, soccer, motor racing, cycling and the likes. It ranks as 143rd website in the country. To sign up, simply visit their official website page here:

13. Sure Bet 247 (

It offers both real and virtual betting in various sporting activities. They rank as 1614th website in Nigeria. Their bonuses are great, together with the secured platform they provide for payout transactions. Visit to sign up.

14. Bet Dey Football Betting portal

An amazing site with an uncommon name. Their odds are good and they offer varieties of games which you can bet on. You can visit their website at

15. 1XBET9JA (

A very good betting site in Nigeria which ranks as the 3778th they cover most European leagues and other leagues you can ever imagine

Supabets Nigeria (

One of the good betting sites in Nigeria that offers N100 as a welcome bonus on signing up. Offer varieties of games such as hockey, badminton football, and the likes.

16. 1960bet (

1960 is the year Nigeria got its independence but the site doesn’t date back to 1960. It has various games and ranks 3849th website in the country

17. Betfair (

It offers poker, arcade, bingo, and pool betting. Their app is easy to download and they promise a $30 deposit when you use $60 to play.

18. Fortune Bet (

One of the best betting sites in Nigeria which ranks 5507th  fortunes are being made here as the name implies.


It ranks as the 8491st website in Nigeria which offers exciting odds

Another betting which I might not have mentioned include

Which Company is the richest betting company in Nigeria?

The three most superb betting sites in Nigeria, which definitely make them the richest include

  • Nairabet
  • Bet9ja
  • 1xbet

Tips for Starting a Sports Betting Business in Nigeria

One of the most profitable businesses to venture into in this No-Job era of ours is the betting business. Fortunes are being made on a daily basis. Why not start your own betting business as a side hustle.

Below are some tips to guide you on your way to starting a betting business in Nigeria.

  • The first thing to do is to register your betting company with the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Visit the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria to obtain the required licenses
  • Rent a betting shop to use as an outlet
  • Launch your betting website
  • Payments and betting platforms should be created
  • Open more betting outlets to make more money
  • Promote your business to have a large customer base
Conclusion on Top Sports Betting in Nigeria With Their Best Betting Sites Online 

Everything in life has some amount of risk. I won’t tell you to never take risks but make sure you always take calculated risks. This is the gambling we talking about. You can lose everything within the twinkle of an eye. It will be foolish for you to throw all your life savings into gambling.

A lot of families have been destroyed because of sports betting in Nigeria. Divorces have taken place because of betting. Please my brother, be wise. Don’t claim to be invisible or to always know how the game would end. Be safe

I will really appreciate it if you drop your comments below. Let’s have your thoughts pertaining to my list of best sports betting sites in Nigeria.

How does it relate to your list? Do you agree with my rankings? 

Answer these questions by dropping your comments below.

Also, don’t forget to check back for more updates.

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