How to Find Success as a Podcast Advertiser or Sponsor

How to Find Success as a Podcast Advertiser or Sponsor

They say beauty is in simplicity. And they are right! People often gravitate toward fundamental things regardless of technological advancement and opportunities to create complex items. Take podcasts, for instance. Why do people love them? The shortest answer is that listening to podcasts is effortless, and doing that is an excellent way to self-educate or entertain.

Okay, it may be clear that podcasts are good for listeners. But what about entrepreneurs? Can podcasts serve as a marketing channel and be included in a marketing campaign? It absolutely can! Below we shed light on how to find the right podcast and use it for advertising purposes.

Analyze your brand

First, however, you need to analyze your brand to understand how to advertise it through podcast series. Take a step back and contemplate these three aspects.

Things to talk about in a podcast

Every business has some unique elements that make it stand out from the crowd. Some are widely known because of their customer services, while others have products of unprecedented quality. Whatever you think your company is good at, write them down and think about how podcasts can describe them.

Your logo

Hold on, podcasts are for listening, not watching; what does a logo have to do with advertising on podcasts? Podcast channels have websites that multiple people visit to download the latest recordings, buy merch, etc. Think about making your logo creative. For instance, you can design an attention-grabbing zoom background mockup so people will download it and use it during zoom calls. It will serve as an additional way of free advertising.

Your motto

The motto is a must, especially when advertising via podcast channels. A catchy and memorable slogan will mount in people’s memory and make them google it and visit your page. And then you know, they will purchase your products and stuff. A pure win-win!

Create a list of promising podcast channels

Once you complete the analysis, it’s time to focus on channels that might fit your brand and its area of operation. When looking for podcasts, take into account the following aspects:

  • Niche: Finding the channel that matches your niche is necessary if you want to reap the results of a podcast advertising campaign. Locating relevant podcasts might be demanding depending on your brand and its field of function, so try to secure enough time for this step.
  • Peculiar elements: You want advertising to be effective and compelling; that’s why try to assess every channel and its unique features. For example, pay close attention to the person’s (or people’s) voice and tone. You also want to learn the podcast structure, including jokes, the overall atmosphere, format, and demographics.

How to Find Success as a Podcast Advertiser or Sponsor

It would be best to create a list of channels and write down their strengths and weaknesses. It would help you prioritize podcasts and start reaching the most pertinent ones. Speaking of reaching out…

Reach out to channels and listen to their terms

Contacting podcasts is essential to know whether they are interested in cooperation. Once you gather all the available info about the channel, try to reach them and discuss potential mutual work. Make sure to listen to their terms and how they work when it comes to advertising or sponsorship. Your task here is to take notes and understand their format of collaboration.

Describe your business

Assume you have heard the podcast’s terms, and the channel is open for advertising. The floor is yours now! Your job is to describe your business. But not in a way companies usually do. You must allow the channel to wear your shoes and imagine it as if the channel were an owner. In other words, try to do your best to picture your brand and persuade the listeners that it’s exceptional.

Bring up talking points and discuss details

Next, you must not waste time and immediately move to the most crucial aspect: talking points. There is nothing specific to offer, as every advertising element depends on your brand. You may want the podcast to promote your brand by emphasizing your motto alongside the products you sell. In contrast, the channel may ask listeners to click the link placed on its main website.

Plan your advertising campaign

Succeeding in podcast advertising is much more than finding the right channel and asking them to promote your brand. Besides doing that, you must design an advertising plan to fit the podcast’s format. You and the channel decide what to say and how to do it, so make sure to work out the key points before going live.

How to Find Success as a Podcast

Continue to be active once the campaign kicks off

Once the campaign is off, you must track its effectiveness and ask more people to listen to it. If something seems irrelevant, note it down and reevaluate these flaws with the podcast channel. Other than that, tune in to spread information about the podcast. You can send email newsletters, post on social media, and do anything you find helpful to captivate people to listen to podcast series.


Podcasts are an excellent tool for attracting customers. Using a podcast for marketing purposes doesn’t require funneling lots of resources, but you must complete a few steps to ensure a podcast sponsorship brings about the expected results. With the right approach, the returns on investment will be outstanding.


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